ADAMO – How DELL is leveraging Design and spreading it through a Viral Marketing Campaign

on Mar 18, 2009

What is ADAMO?
Well, you would have seen notebooks, laptops, Mac’s and I am sure just like me, you would be a huge fan who would have gasped on the Mac Book Air, when it was launched.
History repeats itself, just that in technology, we always better historical experiences
DELL’s ADAMO gives the whole proposition a whole new meaning.

Okay, so the product is ready, but how do you take it to the consumer?
Big budget advertising is an option which always exists and to counter the fact, for DELL shelling off a few million dollars at focused advertising in creating the required buzz within the relevant community of people who would buy a notebook as a luxury item, may not be a bad proposition at all.
But there still could be better options right? Did I hear you say better options?
Well, yes and so has DELL explored the one!
Strange, to sell a product and create an outreach in the relevant community DELL has designed a website which displays the various features of the sleek, stylish ADAMO with a highly interactive interface. Clicking on the various points on the product you could really feel the design, the technology and the detailing that has been so intricately built into the product that you don’t bat an eyelid and are in awe of all that is happening on the screen, right in front of your eyes.

It’s a Love story says DELL!

If you think how could something be so detailed and intricately crafted of aluminum, yes I had similar thoughts and the design had me gasping in awe. Advanced Polymer Chemistry allows you to enjoy 4 hours and 53 minutes of battery life if fully charged. And I know how much you want to know the weight of the machine, well all inclusive the ADAMO by DELL weighs a mere 1.81 kgs.

And well, this is how DELL simply makes you fall in love that all they ask from you is your name and email id so that you become one of those first people to have an all exclusive access to the amazing piece of technology.
What is striking for me
As an online marketer its highly interesting for me to see DELL leveraging the Viral nature of a message which could be supported with Social Media Marketing, to take it to the relevant community, thus generating the essential word of mouth supported by a focused online marketing campaign.
This proves, Innovation coupled with a deep sense of how much you understand your client and his business, well you can create successful viral marketing campaigns which take your message ot the community, which from there is taken up and spread by the community itself.
The outreach is Global
Since it’s the internet, well one of the biggest advantages is reaching out to a market which is global and hence by keeping a strict eye on the marketing budgets, going online seems to be the best way to reduce your sales costs but not the revenue!

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