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We at OMLOGIC relentlessly seek ways to improve our work culture and environment to ensure that every employee feels like they can learn and grow altogether.
on Jan 10, 2023
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OMLogic is a growing think tank of creative experts who are equipped with knowledge and experience, and have been shaping India's digital progress for more than a decade now! We at OMLOGIC relentlessly seek ways to improve our work culture and environment to ensure that every employee feels like they can learn and grow altogether. 

And reflecting on the last year, it has been an incredible year for us. A year of expanding & strengthening our portfolio of products with countless hours of brainstorming, rigorous research and tireless meetings.

OMLOGIC is a bit of business and a large chunk of fun and craziness. 

Since our employees are what make us successful, creating a fun, adaptable, friendly, and healthy environment has always been a top priority and it has also proven to be one of the most effective ways to boost our employee’s morale.

To explain this, we follow what our Captain Cool aka our CEO calls it ‘an Employee First Approach focused on employee wellbeing, unless there's some critical customer work that is on priority’.

Party oozes are an excellent way to unwind and are essential to raising company morale, fostering a sense of worth, and improving productivity. We have the dream team, as they are passionate, dedicated and always up for a challenge, lighting up the room with their brilliance. 

Keeping up with that thought we organize certain year-end activities as it’s a great time to get together as a team and celebrate accomplishments and milestones. Some of these activities are encouraged to foster team building spirit while some activities are focused towards ensuring alignment.

We enjoy celebrating holidays, especially if there are gifts involved. And it's not just about getting gifts. Giving gifts allows us to express our creative sides, as was evident during our Secret Santa team gift exchange.

Surprises are enjoyable, right? What if we tell you that someone kept a present for you on your desk? Oh, shit (surprised emoji), that was a secret! With chilly mornings and bright, crisp days filled with warmth and merry, we unleashed our holiday spirit with excitement as we geared up for our Secret Santa preparations. 

Bringing the team together for a little mystery and a lot of joy, OML’s Secret Santa celebrations are a hit and worth the wait every year. While some lucky individuals received incredible personalized gifts and delicious chocolate, others received funny gifts.

Christmas Eve's dress code was red, white, and green, and everyone seemed stunningly dressed. A handful of the hues were maroon and burgundy, but Santa doesn't mind. We are after all a great place to work.

Out with the old, in with the new, our company's New Year party is the perfect time to drink champagne and dance on the table! ‘Leadership in the kitchen, teamwork on the plate.’ Senior management knows the recipe for success, and it also includes helping with teamwork and a dash of culinary skills!

A great time to get together as a team and celebrate accomplishments, achievements, and milestones. Unwinding and chatting with each other while bonding over tasty food.The idea of potluck transcends beyond feasting and celebrating together. It’s a culture followed at OMLogic consistently every year for discussing and sharing the unheard and unspoken ideas, criticism and achievements.

Too many cooks spoil the broth but too many lunch boxes make a great big Potluck get-together! 

We’re probably the first company where the CEO, the Senior Management Members along with individual teams spend around 24 -25 hours in year end potluck. From savory to sweet, our potluck program has something for everyone!.Our potluck gatherings are unique because we adhere to the Chatham House Rules!

Our employees are our greatest asset, and their positive feedback is a testament to that! 

Content and Design Team 

“Is there a better way to bring people together than through food? At OMLogic we disagree! Potlucks are a fantastic way to unite a team, dissolve divisions across walled departments, and socialize with coworkers. It was a fun and relaxed atmosphere where we could connect on a personal level and learn more about each other's interests and backgrounds”

Tech team member

“We sat around the table as a big family and tried everyone's favorite dish altogether and temporarily forgot about coding. The team-building activities and professional development opportunities that are offered are great for building camaraderie and improving skills. We appreciate the effort that our company puts into creating a positive and engaging work culture.

SEO and Social team

“The environment at OML is excellent. Additionally, there is an open-door policy at OML that teaches you about the clients, how to handle your work, and you can also talk to your seniors whenever you want. The open culture here makes it a very positive experience.”

Solh Team

“We had never participated in a potluck before, so it was a completely different experience for us. During lunch, the entire team gathered to talk about their experience strategy for the future year. The team discussed each aspect—both the good and the bad. This activity is crucial for an employee's development. This should be done in every organisation, not just once, but twice.”

We stand out from other companies because of our unwavering commitment to our values, it's what defines us as our values are not just words on a page, but they are a reflection of our company's culture and what sets us apart!

Building on the strengths of our capabilities, we already stepped into the year 2023 with many new aspirations. By riding the winds of digital transformation, we were able to expand our wings in 2022. It's time for us to take a leap forward and bring noticeable improvements to our services. 

IN 2023, 

  • We aim to focus on BRANDING by delivering a product that is always aligned with what the brand promises.

  • Increase the independence of FRONTLIST MEDIA while amplifying the traffic of the medium to expand its digital presence in the publishing industry.

  • Being a renowned publishing industry name, we aspire to make Frontlist’s PragatiE Vichaar Literature Festival 2024, SIGNATURE FESTIVAL OF INDIA.

  • Having launched our successful product-Solh Wellness, we aim to make it the No.1 app in the mental health ecosystem. 

  • Expand our workforce with experts and creative minds who can provide new perspectives and ideas.

  • We’ve worked with softwares namely Node, Figma, Vue, React, Mongo and Flutter (add their logos) and we aim to enhance technological capabilities for maintaining a competitive edge in the digital world.

  • Work on our video capabilities to adapt to the ever-changing marketing and advertising landscape

OMLogic extends well beyond being a digital marketing agency. The agency isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon! We’re READY to unlock bigger opportunities! We want to develop content, build brand recognition with our numerous products, and broaden our reach across many industries so that our clients feel connected to us.

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