Work Culture @ OMLogic

on Feb 08, 2012

OMLogicOMLogic is a workplace where innovation & creativity is welcomed with open hands. People feel at home while working here and the day passes by in a jiffy. The cool atmosphere and great bonding between the colleagues is simply admirable. I am not saying this just for the heck of it, but it actually is like that @ OMLogic!

With awards like ‘Innovator of the Week’ or ‘Employee of the Month’, people are always geared up to give their best so that their names are added to the ‘OML Hall of Fame’. Every month, the ‘All Hands’ meeting is held wherein everyone gives their suggestions on how we can give better results to our clients. Creativity needs the right kind of atmosphere. And, OMLogic makes it a point to provide it in abundance!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! And, OML believes in this saying completely! Work is not the only thing on our minds; off site outings where the whole office goes out and spends quality time together are very much a part of the routine! Whether it is a picnic to an adventure park or a lunch on a Friday, there is always something happening so that people can meet their colleagues on a personal note too.

Everyone at OMLogic strongly thinks that the work culture in a company is the biggest driving force for all the employees. It enables them to work with full energy and makes them passionate about their job.
Therefore, every possible care is taken to ensure that it remains a fun filled place where creative minds come together to do what is known as ‘INNOVATION’!

To sum it up, for me it’s my dream place to work at and not just me… but many of us would wish to and love to work at a place like OML.

Oh My Lord! (bless) Our Great & Incredible Crew

Arpita Seth


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