When biking became a way of life

on Jan 10, 2013

A guy and a gal decided to visit India from NY and Seattle respectively and wanted to go on a long cycling expedition to explore the never-seen India. Those villages, cities, towns that we miss while riding in the car. Well, Gillian Muessig, popularly known as SEOmom and the one I consider as my professional mom ;-)

For the first couple of weeks when Gillian shared this idea, I knew it wouldn't happen. I did try to talk her out of it, but she showed me the light.

SearchCycle 2013. What a fabulous experience. We collected at 7am in front of the Red Fort. 15 members of the OMLogic Team, alongwith other cycling enthusiasts showed their love for the cycle. A picture session in front of the Red Fort and off we were to our first destination - Kashmere Gate, people watching us weird as two aliens (Gillian and James) led the way.

A quick photo stop and we left towards Wazirabad bridge. The next stop was at a CCD in Outram Lanes. No milk in the CCD since it was just about 9am, but a helpful waitress served coffee, muffins and some chocolate cake for the true connoisseurs. I managed to conquer Wazirabad bridge. Gillian and James left for Meerut and then Hastinapur, Moradabad, Bareilly and en-route to Varanasi. I am truly in AWE!

The OMLogic team enjoyed, bonded, went to Murthal for lunch and asked to begin a Bikers club.

So, here we are!

OMLogic announces the launch of OMLogic Biking Community, a community of working professionals, who love cycling and will want to go on bike rides every so-often. The target - A ride to Agra at Search Cycle 2014.

Though we welcome & love existing cyclists, we want to specifically invite those who always wanted, but could never find company.

Come one, come all…

I recently started going to office on my bicycle. Seems like such a perfect way to keep healthy. I have my SUV coming alongwith so am not adding to the environment yet, but am planning on paying my dues to that soon as well.

Those interested, send me a mail at bikers@omlogic.com

Ride, not Drive!

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