The Netbook Mania Continues

on Sep 25, 2011

Gizmo lovers and techies from all over are sending their entries for the Netbook Mania Contest! When a Netbook is up for grabs, you must understand that it is a chance not to be missed! And those who have understood it well have sent in some amazing pieces of creativity!

The first entry worth a mention is the video created by Deepti Ahuja, who owns a channel on YouTube by the name ‘cutebarbiecurls’. Don’t be fooled by the cute name for the brainy female has put up this great creative on ‘How a Netbook Can Transform One’s Life’ based on the characters of movie Deewar. Originally created as a student project during her Mass Comm days, the video is surely a reflection of her creative bent of mind.

Ally Raj redefines technology in her unique style. The image created by her is inspired by the everyday help that technology and Netbook in specific provides in the kitchen. The best of the recipes are available for just a click! WOW! What a practical thought. It is surely something most of us come across in our daily lives without even realizing.

Next on the list is the video submitted by Ayesha Jain. It is truly a feast for the eyes and ears! With perfect rhyming and cut outs from the movie Dabangg, Ayesha has a super funny story to tell in an even funnier style. She admits that she made it just to kill time at her hostel but it has come out as a perfect integration of a valid message with creativity.

So, don’t be left behind while others are drawing close to winning that Netbook. Your entry could be a simple thought expressed with a pinch of creativity or an out-of-the-box idea. The contest is still open and we look forward to receiving a lot more masterpieces. It seems, it’s really hard to select the best so far!

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