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on Apr 01, 2012

Kapil making a pointWe are seated so tightly around the rectangular table in the conference room that my knees are touching those of people sitting on either side of me. We are here to listen to a presentation by the CEO of the company on ‘How to Make an Effective Presentation’.

The first thing that hit me between the eyes is the passion with which it was being imparted. A few slides down, I come to know that ‘Passion’ for the subject is a vital criterion to make a powerful presentation.

While making a presentation one has to be quite clear on the acronym WIIFY- ‘What’s In It For You’. You in this case being the audience to whom the presentation is being made.

There are Do’s and Don’ts while making a presentation and one of the essential Do’s is to limit the key decisive factors to three or four points. Because, according to research, the audience can recall only about three areas and their sub-areas.

One of the Don’ts is - never cram the slides. There is a tendency to put as much matter in each slide as possible which disrupts readability and leads to dropping of interest which leads to getting registered with the audience.

I can make out that the Presenter is well prepared by the way he is exuding competence, extroversion and sociability. And, the way he sometimes punctuates his presentation with humor, really keeps the audience interested.

Now, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To know how you too can create wonderful presentations, you’ll have to check out below:

About the presentation: What makes a great presentation great? What is the difference between making a presentation for public speaking versus a business presentation? How to prepare for making speeches? How can you be persuasive in your arguments? Should you use humour? Should you not?

A must read for anyone who is expected to do any kind of presentations.

- Shanu Rakhit

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