It was a Fun ‘n’ Learn Friday at OML!

on Jul 11, 2012

Throughout the week, sitting in front of your desktop, you wait to say, “TGIF”! Don’t you? But this time, Friday at OML had something more to it than the prospect of a fun weekend ahead! The day itself was full of fun and some great team building exercises!

Friday FuN @ OMLogic
Have you ever got a chance to openly say things behind someone’s back? I mean literally… behind their back! Yes, that’s what we did at OML! And, “Friday Fun” turned into “Friday Feedback Fun”!

It was a day to tell anyone, anything they wanted to, by writing on the sheet taped behind their back … So, considering the expressive and lively souls we have in the OML family, the sheets were filled with colorful, anonymous feedback from colleagues.

Social Media Quiz Score Time

Most of us wrote on everybody’s sheets to tell them what they could do to improve and what’s really good about them. And, it was great fun to read other’s feedback sheets! ;-)

That’s not all! Our Social Media skills too were tested on the same day with a Social Media quiz. All of us were divided into four teams! And, then started the quiz! It was great fun and the winner team also received certificates. Also, it was an exercise that really motivated us all to research and know as much about Social Media as possible!

Social Media Quiz Winner

And, thus ended another day at OML! But, the only difference was that it was a little more than a usual day… it was full of fun, learning, excitement and of course work! ;)

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