Ditching Connaught Place: The Big Fat Move

on Nov 08, 2017
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OML:  It’s been great. But it’s time to move on.

C.P:   But what did I do?

OML: It’s not you. It’s Me.

C.P: That’s what they ALL SAY!

Let’s just spell it out for you, before you start scratching your head about where we’re going with this blog. OMLogic is moving out of the much loved, much adored, but very much crowded and over hyped Connaught Place. There. We said it.

Where are we going, and what are the big fat plans? OMLogic is on its way to better and brighter things in Rajendra Place, which is at the heart of Delhi. The multi storeyed commercial complex has been calling our name for a while now. And after a lot of thought and careful deliberation, we have decided that it is a far more profitable option, when we compare it to the current office location, which is of course, C.P!

A person who probably visits C.P just once or twice a month and has a superfluous understanding of the place, would ignorantly ask …”Why would you move from C.P, the most sought after office location”? To answer that in a nutshell...C.P is going to the DOGS. Yes, there was a time when C.P was the PLACE TO BE, but all that has changed thanks to the rapidly growing corruption, illegal parking policies, and exorbitant rent rates, which to be quite honest, don’t match the dilapidated infrastructure.

As an agency, our work thrives in the space we choose, and with that being said, our humble office on the 3rd floor of the ‘slowly rotting to gory’ Harsha Bhawan could not live up to the creative juices, which were drying out faster than alcohol in a shot glass.

Dead wooden interiors with dim or no natural lights, a leaky roof, illegally constructed Zabardast(i) kitchen restaurant at ground floor and a missing building management with a mind numbing rent. Too much for us to handle. While we say this, our 5 years at Harsha Bhawan have been excellent and we are going with amazing memories of the place and the lovely terrace to go with it.

On the brighter side however, the new office at Rajendra Place is vibrant, compact, and has glass all over, which makes things so transparent, and lively. A ground floor office with a car-park of our own and a foodgasmic Mughal Mahal restaurant as neighbor. The best part? It is well situated, and is at a walking distance from the metro station. We really couldn’t have asked for a better and bigger deal.

An agency should feel like an agency, and this new office is going to give us those FEELS for sure. Needless to say, we can’t wait to get a move on, which will be in the second week of November 2017. Moreover, we can’t wait to flaunt our stuff, and drown your news feed with our new office pictures and videos. There is a lot of action and exciting things in store for us, and we are glad that you are a part of this next big venture with us!

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