Brussels Calling!

Belgium is to beer, what France is to wine! More than 400 varieties of beer and a museum dedicated to it, what more can one ask for, to chill in this blazing hot summer. Not to forget the waffles and the chocolates.

But, there is more to Belgium than just food… Brussels.

From the peeing boy or Mannekin Pis to Palais de Justice, Brussels has fabulous architectural marvels to awe you with. Mini-Europe, medieval constructions, postmodern buildings, a theme park to give you a mini yet king-size overview of Europe and fantastically exotic nightlife; Brussels has all it takes to mesmerize one.

So, how about winning a FREE trip to this beautiful city of Belgium?

Our client in association with Tourism Flanders and Brussels (Belgium) is giving away a free trip to Brussels. All you have to do is brush up your knowledge about Belgium and answer a few simple questions. If you are lucky enough, you shall find yourself flying to Brussels.

So, make hay while the sun shines. All the best!

To participate, visit:

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