Our Efforts Got Featured On BBC

on Apr 01, 2014

Nirbhaya on BBC
Nirbhaya on BBC

16th December 2012... This date still reminds us of the Black Sunday when a 23-year old female physiotherapy intern was sexually assaulted by a gang of six. This was one of the most heinous crimes seen in the history of crime against women in India.

Protests occurred all over the country and the who’s who of the various fields took to Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to express their anger. With the same flurry of emotions, we also came out with a Facebook community called ‘Delhi for Women Safety’. What started with an expression of anger and fury took a profound turn and kept up with the sole aim to bring empowerment amongst women.

Time flew by and we became more and more proactive. When the whole nation seemed to have forgotten about the pang that Nirbhaya went through, we thought of reigniting the flame. Come December 2013 and we were up with our campaign to remember the braveheart via ‘Change your DP.... For Nirbhaya’ campaign. The campaign gathered pace and in no time people started changing their DP.

What made it more special is the fact that BBC recently noted our effort and mentioned it in their article on ‘Social Media Pictivism’.

It’s indeed a pleasure when you earn accolades for your work. But, best of all, it makes you realize that people are actually listening to you. That’s our sole aim and that indeed makes our day, and it encourages us more and more to keep working towards things we feel strongly about.

Until later!

Team OML

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