OMLogic @ Oriflame Directors Seminar

on May 03, 2012

One of the perks of working in marketing and sales is that you get to attend a number of seminars and conferences – whether as participants or speakers. And, I have been lucky enough to do just that myself. However, what I witnessed at the Oriflame Directors Seminar in Agra recently was something I was completely unprepared for.

For one, I have never seen the participants of a seminar so charged up that they run towards the gate when the session is about to begin (of course they might be clamoring for better seats but who knows!). Never have I ever seen anyone so enthusiastic and willing to absorb new methods and ways of promoting their business. The stated aim of this Seminar, which is held for only 700 top Directors out of more than 2 lac consultants all over India, is to ‘Look Good. Make Money. Have Fun.’ And, boy! Did they do that fine!

Look at how they started every session:

And, this is the start! You had to see the JAM dancing sessions every day to believe them. Men and women from the age of 21 to 65 in a room shaking their leg to Dhinka Chika is a sight for sore eyes.

However, dance is not all they did. One of the important sessions for them all was something that we, as OMLogic, were proud to present:

Kapil Gupta and Millie Khanna presented the session and fielded questions from an enthusiastic audience over the next two days!

Once they knew the benefits of ‘Being Social’, it seemed, that’s all they wanted to do, for the most popular stall during the breaks was the ‘social media’ stall. People shared their images on the Oriflame Photo Fame app and live tweeted to see their name up on the wall.

Imagine: 700 top directors, each with an average of 200 friends on Facebook. That’s visibility potential of 140000! Talk about virality!

To add a cherry on the top, the venue was hardly 2kms away from the Taj Mahal… ‘nuff said.

If you weren’t there, do have a look at what you missed:

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Nimit Kathuria

Team OMLogic

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