Hear it straight from the Horse’s Mouth at OMCAR 2012

on Dec 18, 2011

OMCAR 2012Have you been to conferences where agencies come and showcase their portfolios in the name of talking about an agenda?

Have you felt duped at the end of such a conference realizing that all you had gained from it is a handful of brochures and nothing else?

Well, you would probably then better understand what it means to have a conference where individuals come, talk, discuss and debate and not SELL!

OMCAR 2012 is one such conclave aimed at raising questions and finding answers. People who know the Online Marketing world would know that Social Media is a rage that just can’t be ignored. But, the problem is that those who boast of knowing Social Media have a stereotypical spectrum of vision that could just take one up a blind alley.

So, how do you know what social media can do for various domains? Simple, hear it ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’. When some of the biggest brands and entrepreneurs come together to talk about and display what social media has done for their businesses and marketing, you are sure to look at it wide eyed. And, there is no reason for you to not believe them! Yes, of course you can raise questions!

OMCAR 2012 is not about Powerpoint case studies but real life case studies that have actually come up roses.

Social Media in Indian context is what we are looking at. When we talk about Social for India, we must know and understand that we need to look at ‘Social Media with a Difference’. Because, only then are the results possible. Hear some of the biggest brands speak and show how social media has helped them gain visibility, business, reputation and evangelism because they have not done it via a flowchart method but a little ‘differently’.

Also, OMCAR 2012 is not a ‘Sit n Listen’ format; it is ‘Listen, Think n Share’. Chats, discussions and debates are most welcome. Let’s sit and take a look at where Social Media is headed and how can it really enhance the way we have hitherto been looking at Online Marketing.

Agency Professionals & Brand Managers, Entrepreneurs and CXO’s of Small & Medium Enterprises, Online Marketing Professionals, students aspiring for a career in Online Marketing, Marketing Professionals and Social Media Enthusiasts- OMCAR 2012 is for all those who are looking for an insight into the Social Media world and how it can help or it has helped them achieve their marketing goals!

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