Gruesome Gangrapes: Can we channelize our anger !!

on Dec 29, 2012

Though I hate what Abhijit Mukherjee said, but I want to take it in my stride and see where we are.

Let me start by looking at the India gate demonstration or the various other protests. Though the protests have been peaceful overall, we all know that a large ratio of people in such protests either just happens to be there or are not really there for the issue but rather having some totally different objective. Don't get me wrong, I am not taking away anything from those who genuinely care and support. I don't really consider this protest as passive resistance. Not in the true Gandhian spirit.

Here is what we propose: Lets say "I care. I am responsible. I will change the environment around me  & my own thinking."  And to show my anger or protest, I will not celebrate New Year's eve this year. Its not about showing my friends I care. It not about me, its about the girl who lost her life or the girls whose life we can save.

As a father of 2 girls, I think it is imperative upon us to act. And it is high time we do something about it.  I am not only talking about what happened 2 weeks back. What happened then was not rape. What happened then was a barbaric animal behavior by 6 people.

Lets hope we can channelize our anger to bring the right solution. Its not a solution owned only by police, law, government, or someone else. Its a solution for all of us..

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