10+ Healthy Habits

on Sep 23, 2019
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Health is happiness, that’s what the world says. Well, we have made health as a source of entertainment for us. It’s what keeps us all together. Whether it’s eating unhealthy stuff or working out in the office gym, we don’t utter it so much, like we follow it. Much before Modiji went on a meditative spree in the hidden cave, we kinda pledged the ‘stay healthy and be loud about it’ spirit to whichever extent possible. And here we are, frolicking fit and fine like glistening young dolphins who never really age. They just keep moving and flapping happiness. Precisely our state (both physically and mentally) since when even we don’t know. Health has hit us really hard and we can’t help listing out these fun activities that we religiously follow in our routine.


  1. Wake up to Badminton!
    Every morning beginning at 8:30, you’ll spot a splash of energy, moves, strokes and cheer. Where? Right in front of our office at Rajendra Place. Yes, under the same big tree where pigeons hit on crows!
    It’s the new thing at OMLogic, as an add-on the other activities mentioned below. We stop when we sweat, only to sweat more and gulp even more!
  2. Chill it out with a Chilled Salad!
    The day can’t be complete without a rich, raw and ravishing SALAD during the day! It looks greener than green and tastes tastier than the softest red meat you’ve ever had. Some have it as veggies and some put layers of dressings on it. You’ve gotta try it because we plan it leaf by leaf, pinch by pinch. And it’s healthy & filling!
  3. Honey meets Garlic!
    This seemingly geeky combination is the ultimate cure for everything weird in your body sometimes. We didn’t know that until once when we were shaken by a pungent smell of something, later clarified to be the elixir of health in the extremely demanding and high-on-action agency life! For those who are not aware, honey-and-garlic is good for controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, inactivity and mood-induced aimlessness/laxity (something which is most common these days!). We bet you can’t taste the pungency of garlic in this honey-filled treat.
  4. Zum Zum Zumba!
    When we don’t party, we do Zumba!
    Shaking it better than Shakira, we let loose and jump our hearts out in the special Zumba sessions which are purposely organized to get us out of our comfort and carefree zones! Those who love dancing like to display the best moves, those who freeze by the sound of music are forced to shed off inhibition and copy every moving thing around. And together, both of them truly rock!
  5. Soup in Winters!
    Tea and coffee are routine. Come winters, we set a soup-y scene! Yep. We work better when tempted by a simmering bowlful of health and happiness. Tomato, chicken, corn…any and every type you want! Some have it in bulk secretly hidden behind cartons of Maggi noodles and some order it from outside!
  6. Health Bets (where you get to win a beer!)
    We very sincerely believe that the 2 ways to move people into action is money or fear of disrespect. And our good bets achieve both. The loser ends up being the source of fun and gets a beer. You wanna try betting against our CEO, good luck to you!
  7. Gym in the Evening
    To fit something, all you need is a big heart. With that in mind, we put in a fully functional gym at our office. We even have our own set of homegrown trainers who keep you on schedule and entertained. They charge in kind and not money. We have a gym, we have enthusiasm, we have fitness freaks and we also have some rules for the gym.
    Rule No 1- Gym after 7 PM
    Rule No. 2- If you join the gym, it’s free but if you want to quit you have to serve 3-weeks notice period else pay termination costs
    Rule No. 3- You must go to the gym at least two days a week and 9 days a month. If you fail in this, you would have to pay the penalty amount to the company
    Happy Gymming!
  8. Watch what you Eat
    From protein bars to fish oil to nutritious shakes – we have it all. We don’t do the usual green tea nonsense, but we sure have our own defined set of rules.
  9. Cycling
    We started this in 2011 with our advisor Gillian Muessig, who came from the US and did a search cycle event in Delhi. Since then, we have been doing such events as a team. There is a cycle in the office all the time, which people can ride for exercise or just for fun.
  10. Running for our customers
    We have done marathon participations as a team. Running in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and sweating it out. We have integrated these runs for our customers as well. Running as a team at Gurgaon starry nights, ADHM and other events where we can provide some value to our customers as well.

Who is the most SHATIR Insaan at OMLogic? – 10/10 The Next Digit!


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