What’s in a name? Logic, we say!

on Sep 30, 2015

Hurray! We are now OMLOGIC.

Wonder what else we’ve been all this while… Hold on. It’s a long story.

For the last few years, we have been struggling with rebranding ourselves. Being an agency that takes pride in our ability to resolve branding concerns for other brands, the struggle we went through is certainly not pretty.

But the good news is...it’s all behind us.

OMLogic Logo

The crux of our problem has been the fact that people call us Om Logic. Yes, Omm…Logic. Why? We can only guess! Let’s overlook the ignorant ones, you know, genuinely bad readers who don’t really spare seconds (and mind) in reading something. The intelligent lot on the contrary, has been overexcited, and thought us to be connected to some religious/political organizations.

The truth of the matter is that we are nothing close to anything in picture here. Neither are we OML, the short, concise version, we did think of adopting sometime back. We’ve spent months (maybe years) thinking about freezing our logo to OML. However, it just didn’t turn out to convey what we really stand for. Over the years, we’ve evolved as a digital creative agency that has way more to offer than what we used to earlier. OMLOGIC and OML, therefore, have been more of rudiments of our perceived identity in our process of growing up as a premium, multifaceted, digital agency. Our incessant logo change has been primarily aimed towards capturing this ‘premiumness’ as we connect with more people and brands.

That’s how we finally arrive here. WE ARE OMLOGIC. WE WILL BE CALLED OMLOGIC. And we will correct all those who call us Om Logic but will not change the basic grain of who we are. Our latest logo packs the gist of our vision down to the last detail. Online Marketing Logic. That’s what we stand for. Put simply, we bring logic to online marketing and take immense pride in that. Deem it our tagline or the defining thought behind most of our strategies, you can never strike excellence in digital without any logic. We believe in it, and extend the same through our work. We need not do all the illogical, crazy stuff that lots of other brands and agencies do, but care for only one thing – CLIENT SUCCESS!

OMLogic is a passionate team of highly experienced marketing professionals, who have mastered the tools and technology essential to online marketing. Adding a plump variety to our services, we are finally foraying into the market of PRODUCTS with MOA and Efluencr. From an agency that specializes in merely servicing, we have now grown into an organization that has two of the most transformative products in the current digital landscape.

Our logo is depictive of this major change. The new color is a depiction of feelings like ‘friendliness, cheerfulness and confidence’. And this is not mere theory. It is what we truly believe in and follow as part of our culture at OMLOGIC. We are a confident, friendly and cheerful lot that delivers some of the coolest marketing stuff for small and big brands alike. The chosen font too is meant to symbolize our personality and style of working. We are very straight (hence the straight sans-serif font) when it comes to calling a spade, a spade and equally accommodative (hence the curves) to understanding our clients, their requirements, limitations, and expectations. Similarly, as an organization we are very watchful of the talent that forms Team OMLOGIC, but at the same time every team member needs to culturally fit into our environment and adapt to it as their own.

So, with this revised identity for OMLOGIC, we wish to stay the happy, fun loving, cool, and talented lot that we are today. We have grown over the years and hope to keep proving good to the universal law of evolution.

Six down, many more to go. Cheers!

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