OMLogic in 2013 - #ANewBeginning :)

on Feb 05, 2013

As is clear from our blog posts from the past few days, we are looking at a new direction and being a bigger, better and more cutting-edge than ever digital marketing agency in the country. We have been immensely advised by our, well, adviser Gillian Muessig in this past month and taking a leaf out of her company, we have decided to be more transparent.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. -Theodore Roosevelt

A tradition as old as the company, the monthly all-hands meeting was live-tweeted this month and even the contents of the meeting have now been made live on our slideshare channel.

It was refreshing, momentous and energizing meeting.

Read the blow-by-blow account below:









































And here's a quick summary on slideshare:

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