Set your brand’s mood!

Either it’s a new campaign or website or landing page or a new identity creation, a process-based blueprint creation becomes critical to get desired outcomes.
It starts with study of the brand, its personality, audience, objective, openness to ideas understanding of brand guidelines. A concept design will include the over-arching directional thoughts, mood boards with concept narratives, look and feel, image and video reference, typography, visual styles and more.

How it Works

OMLogic teams, after the initial discussion with the customer, defines the concept which includes-
  • An overview of the strategy with answers to what is required, how things will flow and what kind of returns to be expected.
  • Mock-up of ads, mood boards, wireframes, concept flow and other information.
  • Once we finalize the flow and seal the idea and concept, the actual design/development begins.
  • We sincerely follow this flow in our development and campaigns to reduce last minutes conflicts, communication gaps and match the expectation with delivery.
  • Keep it effortless as your project evolves across websites, mobile apps, email templates, and more.

Magical, realistic prototyping


Interactive tools

Tools like Figma/Adobe XD is used to create artboards and flow of information & pages

Realistic prototyping

Features to comment and interactive triggers make the whole development process more realistic and easier to understand

Collaborate and keep moving

Collaborative features of these tools make exploration and experimenting easy for teams

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