Talk of evolution and roll into videos!

A decade back, social videos did not exist. Just five years after, YouTube was already getting over 3 million views every day. And today, videos are nearly driving more than 80% of all internet traffic. We sense the ‘logic’ of video marketing and have been gleefully rolling along with a wide spectrum of video-intensive campaigns.

Video Designing Approach

Ever since the 360-degree video broadcasting picked up, we’ve been catching the nerve of every project that can skyrocket with the right ‘video-aided’ campaigns.
  • Sense the nature of the client or project
  • Devise a video marketing route in sync with their branding objective
  • Define types of videos segmented in different phases of promotion
  • Pitch the types, budget, scale and technology of videos
  • Share scripts and video direction summary
  • Execute the video within the delivery timeline

Types of Videos

Defy the logic defining your business since decades.
Ride the new-age digital tide with us.

Success Stories

Feature client/works with video-intensive marketing campaign