Delhi Shamed Yet Again!

Right before when we all think, things are getting better this happens! Delhi gets shaken up by yet another rape case. Is it ever going to stop?

On Friday, Dec 5, 2014, a 25-year old woman executive was raped by a radio cab driver in Delhi. The incident was reported soon after and as soon as the news broke out on Sunday, there was spontaneous outpour of rage on Twitter by one and all.

karan Johar Tweet

Rohan Tweet

Kiren Bedi TweetMostly people blamed the cab service, Uber, for not sticking to safety guidelines, especially after it came out that they had not done the mandatory police verification before hiring the accused driver. As it turns out the accused driver had been in another rape case back in 2011 and was let go due to out of court settlement.

Anjana Kashyap TweetNishita Jha TweetAlso, the whole incident took a turn when the government banned the Uber taxi service. As if banning the taxi services will stop the men from taking advantage of innocent women walking down the street!

Natasha TweetThinking about the approaching elections, the political parties too started their own battle not giving a damn about the issue of women security.

Isha Ganeriwal TweetYashwant Sinha TweetSapna Moti Bhavnani TweetAnurag Pandey TweetThe Nirbhaya case took place 2 years back in December and now another incident. Will anything ever change or we’ll just keep talking about it in the news hour?

BluffMaster Modi TweetDesi giRL TweetReva D TweetAtishi Marlena TweetIt is really a shame when on one side we talk about women equality and empowerment and on the other hand can’t even provide safety to women in the country’s own capital. Do let us know your opinions. You can voice out on one of our Facebook pages too – Delhi For Women’s Safety.

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