"Can you promote my brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and get me better rankings on Google?"

This was a very relevant question to ask 5 to 10 years back but today it is more about messaging than anything else! The question today needs to start with what message are you looking to promote in digital, who are you looking at promoting your message to and the most important one – why will those people care about your message?!

Our expertise is in defining these base questions with our customers while beginning work with the following framework:

  • What are the various segments of people you talk to?
  • What is the message you want to communicate?
  • Who do you want to communicate it to?
  • Why should they listen to you?
  • What is the tonality?
  • What is it that you want the person to be left with after engaging?
    • Emotional Call For Action
  • What is it that you want the person to do after he/she engages?
    • Physical Call To Action
  • Build it platform by platform
  • Measure, analyse, repeat

Once this framework is built, the message is defined, followed by its manifestations per medium across the internet.

We believe that location doesn't matter. Though we are based in India, our customers span across the world.
So, please don't hesitate to drop us a line!

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