Social media is about building a social media presence across all social media platforms. But what do you do when the presence is done? How do you ensure the community you have gathered is engaged on an ongoing basis?

Most brands run generic social media campaigns to keep the community engaged. At OMLogic, we strongly believe in running campaigns that are linked to the brand being promoted.

Lets look through some examples:

We ran Yatra Cricket Manager: A campaign linked at associating Yatra (an online travel portal) with cricket. Here is the insight that led to this campaign: What the cricketer’s do the most except playing cricket is TRAVEL (Well, maybe endorsements will come above travel). Click here for more details about this campaign.

Diva of the week contest ( A campaign linked at associating Sareez (an online ladies dressing portal) with beauty. The campaign was designed to make ordinary women feel like Divas and compete with one another for the title of “Diva”.

Our social media campaigns are conceptualized with a keen look at the brand and its associated attributes. We are not an execution company for social campaigns, rather we are experts at conceptualization to execution. Social campaigns needs to be 360 degree campaigns, and based on the budget can include microsites, Facebook apps, virals, social content and promotion across social media.

Social campaigns are not simply to build engagement, but rather to build association of the brand with its attributes, at the same time developing engagement with the target audience.

Social media campaigns require deep marketing expertise and a very keen technology understanding, and of course a maverick view of social media.

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