Lets first start from the TOP. What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of running a campaign (online / offline, etc) for the purposes of generating a lead for the business. The most difficult task of running a lead generation campaign is to identify what constitutes a lead.

Let's look at this with the example of an academic institute looking for potential students for their B.Tech program. Is the lead someone who sees the university and fills up a form? Is the lead someone who also goes through mobile verification to ensure they are reachable? Is the lead someone who has been called to ensure they are actually pursuing MBA? Is the lead someone who has been called to ensure they are interested in this university? Is the lead someone who has been called to ensure they meet the minimum qualification criterion setup by the university?

Once this framework is built, the message is defined, followed by its manifestations per medium across the internet.

Actually, all of those are variations of lead, with different validations and verifications.

Along with running CPL based lead generation campaigns, at OMLogic, we are experts in running lead generation campaigns in the social media environment. The easiest form of lead generation is to simply respond to a participant on a blog / forum / social media asking about your product. Common sense, right? But we surprised to see how many times this basic is missed. We can revamp your social presence on Facebook, Twitter to focus on specific lead generation campaigns as well.

Talk to our experts to understand how we can develop a world-class lead generation campaign for your business.

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