“The strategic planning applied to display advertising is critical to its success. If you know your customers and what they do online, it can be effective at driving the desired response as well as providing a positive halo effect to all your other online marketing efforts.”

Do you want to target relevant people, in the most relevant environment, with the right message?

Display Ads can do it for you. It can be used in a highly targeted fashion, aimed at reaching out to niche audiences online.

Where does display advertising show?

Advertising formats for display advertising is growing at a fast pace. You've probably seen display advertising on many of the websites that you've visited. Over the years, some the size, shape & placement of display adverts have changed. However, there are now many standard Display advertising formats, where adverts can be placed on websites with minimal fuss.

Why Online Display Advertising is Hot?

Online display advertising is all of a sudden hot. Display ads were kicked to the curb, when search advertising dared to offer targeted, relevant ads, with auction pricing. Well, they’re making a comeback, thanks to the same kind of targeting technology.

How we do it?

First off, customers rarely click online display ads. That being said, we are experienced in finding ways to make them more significant to what the customers are looking for. In principle, they would be willing to click on ads, if they exceeded a certain relevance threshold. We aim there point blank; we make display ads that customers will click on.

At OMLogic, online display advertisements are served - context based, behavioural based, search/intent based, and social based.

  • Context Based: The ad server places advertisements based on what the user is viewing (text of the website).
  • Behavioral Based: Ads based on an individual’s web-browsing behaviour, like the pages they have visited or the searches they have made.
  • Search/Intent Based: Search/Intent targeting works by serving advertisements that are related to search terms
  • Social Based: These ads are based on information found in your social graph i.e. information found within the profiles of people, within your network.

When implemented correctly, display advertising can lead to massive brand exposure and sales. Need to get started with display advertising? Contact Us

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