A social media community on any channel takes 5 minutes to make (okay well 2), and almost every brand creates multiple such communities just because they know how to.

Yes what you have about social media is true. It provides tremendous opportunity for almost every business. But what most organizations don’t think about are the risks associated with social media. A badly run social media campaign can be disastrous for organizations. Some brands have faced rude shocks to realize it. Click here to talk to our experts for more details about some of the failed campaigns and why they failed.

Every social media channel has its own nuances associated with their usage of every channel, which needs to be carefully considered before building presence on that channel.

Let's take an example of a BPO: Facebook as a channel is great for the BPO to engage with current and prospective employees, but may not be the best channel for customer engagement. However, for a travel portal, Facebook can be a great channel for new customer acquisition. For the BPO, Twitter and LinkedIn can be great channels for customer engagement, while for the travel portal, LinkedIn may not be the best customer engagement & acquisition channel.

At OMLogic, we work with you to completely understand your business and objectives and then help you develop roadmap for leveraging the specific social media channels.

Most social media companies these days build their offerings around Facebook, and other channels are just add-ons at best. At OMLogic, we provide comprehensive social media services going way beyond Facebook.

Please click here to read about our comprehensive social media offering, or contact our social media experts to see how you can leverage any of the social media channels for your business.

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