Managing a brand in the social media world is a tough job. The depth of expertise it requires across the multiple facets it involves keeps the job challenging and fun at all times, and it is this challenge that keeps us at OMLogic going. From managing presence for large brands like Yatra and HBO, to building presence for startups like kleeto, we understand your requirement. Sounds clichéd, but we are large enough to do it all, and small enough to do it well.

Here are the key considerations while you look at your brand presence in social media.

  • What are your brand objectives? This will help you determine the message you want to propagate in the social media world.
  • What channels should you leverage and why? A detailed approach may be required for specific channels. Read more about our channel management services
  • What tonality should you use in the social world? This may also depend on the channel. Read more about social content
  • What campaign should you create in the social media? Read more about social media campaigns

Once the above is defined, comprehensive social media execution is defined to work across channels:

  • Community Development: Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or some other community platform, developing the right engagement is a must have. Read more about community development
  • Online Reputation Management: Contrary to popular belief, ORM is not responding to negative queries. At OMLogic, we have a comprehensive ORM solution designed for our customers
  • Blogging: We can run logs for our customers ranging from corporate blogs, to industry blogs, to individual blogs. Read more
  • Forums: The easiest form of lead generation is to simply respond to a participant on a blog / forum / social media asking about your product. Common sense, right? But we surprised to see how many times this basic is missed. Developing a comprehensive forums participation strategy can go a long way in developing your social presence
  • Viral Marketing: Viral marketing refers to the art of creating content that people would like to share with or forward to people they know. At its core, viral marketing is the essence of social media. Read more about our viral marketing offering

We love to talk to various brands and how they perceive the social world. Even if you are not looking for a social media company, let’s meet for a coffee and talk. Isn’t this what social is all about?

Drop us a line and we shall get back to you pronto!

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