Delhi – The Safest City in the World…

… For Rapists!

Delhi @ 9.30pm: Another rape… another victim… stripped of her respect… stripped of her confidence… stripped of a bright future… struggling for life… maybe asking herself… WHY ME?

And, I am left thinking… actually, WHY ANYBODY AT ALL?

Darwin and Wallace sitting up there must be amused at the 360 degree turn that their Theory of Evolution has taken over the years. It took us millions of years to become humans and just a few decades to forget who we are and become even worse than what we were millions of years ago.

Where is the society headed? Do we even deserve to be called a society at all? C’mon… dictionary says ‘society’ is ‘an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes.’ What a shame! The mentally sick state that we are in has taken away the right from us to call ourselves even that!

Being a woman myself and being a part of a women dominated organization where women not just form the major part of the company’s strength, but have a very strong hold in all the decisions; I fail to understand how some people can be so unreasonable towards our gender!

We just can’t sit and let this happen. Let’s build a platform and devise solutions.


Mamta Garg
Team OMLogic

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21 thoughts on “Delhi – The Safest City in the World…

  • The society is bad, The people are worst!!

  • Hota Hai.. Chalta Hai.. Delhi Hai..

    People are happy with the fact that some people in the parliament looked deeply hurt. where is the solution.. its painful that we have no answers..

  • Delhi , a city I am no longer proud of.City that has females trembling at the thought of travelling alone, smiling back to a stranger,at a stare by the opposite sex.

    What a shame

  • @Ankit: Exactly… the society needs a makeover!

    @Sumit: I believe that we all look at a situation from different angles. Yes, the solutions are still to be found… but while our leaders politicize every incident, I don;t know if we really have some hope!

    @Ruchi: SHAME it is! I believe a stricter law, better judicial procedures and strict punishment would surely improve the situation. However, the society will have to change… we need to remember that we are humans… and not a herd of animals!

  • All I can say is:

    “Chah kar bhi tumse kitna pyaar karu DILLI lekin akhir mein tum badnaam ho hi jati ho ….” 🙁

  • Deeply hurt by reading this first thing in the morning and thankful that I have no daughter. If I had a daughter, I would have died of fear. More shameful is the thought that it has become a daily news…and rapists are roaming freely. severe steps are needed…severe punishments are needed…its high time…!

  • @ Rohit: The problem is that its not just about Delhi being shamed… it’s about the whole society that has reached an all time low!

    @Preeti: I don’t have a kid yet… have always wanted to have a girl…. but… maybe not anymore!!!

  • We definitely need to do something about this. It has to be a comprehensive solution..

  • I am no longer proud of Delhi when it comes to comparing it with other Metropolitan cities.
    These incidents are just working towards making us, girls loose the confidence. I think the girls of each locality should get together and do a candle march… With the growing technology and wattsapp, they should have an all girls group of each locality wherein girls should go in groups and hit eve teasers in groups. GIRLS, only we can do it… Its useless to cry about the laws, they can not do anything.

  • One of relative(who lives in another city) gave my mother a call yesterday just to say, “Please don’t let Tanvi go to work or go out in the evening.”

    Instead of starting a revolution against these inhuman creatures, women are always told to shutup and stay inside their homes. Why can’t be men told to NOT RAPE?

  • @Tanvi: You are right… just because a girl is out late in night does not give anyone the right to rape her!!! The way the society thinks and acts needs to change.

  • I am no more proud of the fact that I am a citizen on top of that a woman of this country.not only the survivor has been robbed off her WOMANHOOD but its all of us.
    the crime is sexual and so shall be the punishment.

  • Divya Minocha Girls can come together, but we can't ignore the need for a stricter law that instigates the fear of strict punishment in people who do such heinous crimes. There have been times when people have been around and women have still been raped.

  • Such a heinous crime has occurred and our Government is still not doing anything to protect women’s safety.
    What can be more shameful than this that the level of brutality which met out to the girl has left her intestine to be removed..Such criminals should be hanged else being raoming like a free bird ..

  • don't do negative ad of my delhi… its my delhi…one of the best city of India.

    • safest city where each gurl is susceptible to rape!! Not correct!! Harsh but I feel so 🙁

    • see the other angle of this situation… in which city public come on road and fighting for justice, i did not heard this on any other city, Delhi People are very much concerned.


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