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OMLogicOMLogic is a workplace where innovation & creativity is welcomed with open hands. People feel at home while working here and the day passes by in a jiffy. The cool atmosphere and great bonding between the colleagues is simply admirable. I am not saying this just for the heck of it, but it actually is like that @ OMLogic!

With awards like ‘Innovator of the Week’ or ‘Employee of the Month’, people are always geared up to give their best so that their names are added to the ‘OML Hall of Fame’. Every month, the ‘All Hands’ meeting is held wherein everyone gives their suggestions on how we can give better results to our clients. Creativity needs the right kind of atmosphere. And, OMLogic makes it a point to provide it in abundance!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! And, OML believes in this saying completely! Work is not the only thing on our minds; off site outings where the whole office goes out and spends quality time together are very much a part of the routine! Whether it is a picnic to an adventure park or a lunch on a Friday, there is always something happening so that people can meet their colleagues on a personal note too.

Everyone at OMLogic strongly thinks that the work culture in a company is the biggest driving force for all the employees. It enables them to work with full energy and makes them passionate about their job.
Therefore, every possible care is taken to ensure that it remains a fun filled place where creative minds come together to do what is known as ‘INNOVATION’!

To sum it up, for me it’s my dream place to work at and not just me… but many of us would wish to and love to work at a place like OML.

Oh My Lord! (bless) Our Great & Incredible Crew

Arpita Seth



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Human beings are social by nature. They have always lived socially since their existence. Common interests and relationships bind them together. This concept of living together is very much inherent to their nature. And, with the coming of social media sites, this idea has reached an all together new level. Social media has enabled all of us to connect with society, regardless of time and space.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays almost everyone, from youngsters to oldies, is there either on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon or Delicious. And, with each passing day this trend is growing further. This very increase in the number of individuals has also triggered businesses to go social.

There’s no denying the fact that most of the social platforms are goldmines stuffed with loads of target audience for various businesses. But, if a business decides to go social, they really need to think about two things.

First, the integration of social media marketing in the overall marketing plan surely requires some effort. Every business that decides to go social will have to be willing to walk that extra mile.

Secondly, where there are your potential and present customers; apart from leads there are also grievances and negative publicity! While you would have new target audience asking about your products and services, you would also have the existing ones registering their grievances pertaining to a bad experience.Social Media for business

Therefore, comes the question – ‘to be or not to be SOCIAL’!

While, the answer to this particular dilemma must be ‘to each its own’, the importance of social media marketing is something that cannot be denied. Its virality, reach and connect has made it an inevitable marketing medium. So, businesses actually need to be more willing to take the extra pain and be realistic in their expectations from this medium. It is no magic wand but surely one of the most effective ways to connect with your target group.

The stage is set and the chance to reap the benefits of social media is all yours…. All you have to do is DECIDE!

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Social Media

‘Professionals create the Content – Amateurs consume it.’
Since the invention of the printing press hundreds of years ago until a decade back, this statement had defined how media functions. Be it books, newspaper, radio, film or television, one and all followed the same mantra. This basically resulted in a kind of monopoly that these media organizations exercised over information and content being circulated around the world. Therefore, the power to get a message out to the world was only restricted to a few. However, with the rapid expansion of internet and the advent of social media this traditional approach to information and content circulation is now rapidly becoming a concept of the past.
There are two paradigm shifts that have taken place in the media culture as a result of Social Media’s rapid expansion:-

Social Media Paradigm Shift
1. The first one being that content is now being created not only by the professionals but also by the amateurs. For e.g. YouTube claims that over 48 hours of video content is uploaded on its servers every single minute by its millions of users around the world.
2. Secondly and more importantly, Social media has now empowered the users/listeners/readers, basically the so called amateurs to not only communicate with the media organizations but also with one another. There is no better example for this than Facebook communities.
What the first paradigm shift has done is to take the control over content creation out of the hands of these mammoth media organizations, corporates and governments. Now, most of the content available for viewing on the internet is not created by professionals with vested interests but by amateurs themselves. In this manner the ideas and information are now flowing horizontally instead of vertically. The second paradigm shift has ensured that opinion is no more controlled by the media organizations. The ability to share ideas and discuss issues at a global level has now ensured audience participation like never before. What this has essentially done is to empower and mould the entire concept of freedom of speech and expression as it was ideally intended to be.

This rapidly changing landscape can be seen through various developments that are taking place in the traditional media houses. Book publishers around the world are under threat from free online publishing supported by e-book formats and companies like Amazon and Apple. Similarly, record companies are taking a serious hit because of YouTube and Apple store. However, most impressive has been the ability of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, etc. to circulate news, information, creative content and most of all in shaping popular public opinion and mobilizing the masses without the need of massive financial investments. This aspect of Social Media’s strength came to the focus of the world most in the previous year with movements erupting throughout the world from Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street to our own Anna Hazare, all aided by the use of Social Media.

Whether you like it or not, Social Media is now here to stay and it will continue to redefine our ages old media practices. So, the only question we now face is “How can we make best use of this media? Even though it means changing the way we’ve always done it.”

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OMCAR 2012Have you been to conferences where agencies come and showcase their portfolios in the name of talking about an agenda?

Have you felt duped at the end of such a conference realizing that all you had gained from it is a handful of brochures and nothing else?

Well, you would probably then better understand what it means to have a conference where individuals come, talk, discuss and debate and not SELL!

OMCAR 2012 is one such conclave aimed at raising questions and finding answers. People who know the Online Marketing world would know that Social Media is a rage that just can’t be ignored. But, the problem is that those who boast of knowing Social Media have a stereotypical spectrum of vision that could just take one up a blind alley.

So, how do you know what social media can do for various domains? Simple, hear it ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’. When some of the biggest brands and entrepreneurs come together to talk about and display what social media has done for their businesses and marketing, you are sure to look at it wide eyed. And, there is no reason for you to not believe them! Yes, of course you can raise questions!

OMCAR 2012 is not about Powerpoint case studies but real life case studies that have actually come up roses.

Social Media in Indian context is what we are looking at. When we talk about Social for India, we must know and understand that we need to look at ‘Social Media with a Difference’. Because, only then are the results possible. Hear some of the biggest brands speak and show how social media has helped them gain visibility, business, reputation and evangelism because they have not done it via a flowchart method but a little ‘differently’.

Also, OMCAR 2012 is not a ‘Sit n Listen’ format; it is ‘Listen, Think n Share’. Chats, discussions and debates are most welcome. Let’s sit and take a look at where Social Media is headed and how can it really enhance the way we have hitherto been looking at Online Marketing.

Agency Professionals & Brand Managers, Entrepreneurs and CXO’s of Small & Medium Enterprises, Online Marketing Professionals, students aspiring for a career in Online Marketing, Marketing Professionals and Social Media Enthusiasts- OMCAR 2012 is for all those who are looking for an insight into the Social Media world and how it can help or it has helped them achieve their marketing goals!

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To sustain Leadership in the market, companies have to keep on adding something new in their offerings. Same is the case with social networking giant Facebook. To sustain Leadership in the social networking arena & to maintain popularity among its userbase, Facebook is adding something new to its product line every other day. Recently, it made some changes in its chat & notifications settings, which had a mixed response from the users, and now, Facebook has rolled out big time changes its privacy & sharing settings (few changes have been live & few would get live in the coming weeks).

All of these changes could well be categorized into two parts:

  1. changes to its sharing functionality, and
  2. changes to privacy settings on user profiles.

Let’s see how these changes would affect the user while using Facebook.

Changes to sharing

These changes are done keeping in mind how you can share your content with others or how you want your content to be visible to others. These sharing changes would fall under two sections:

  1. Tagging/Un-tagging
  2. Status updates


Tagging/ untagging in Facebook posts
Tagging/ untagging in Facebook posts

Tagging is a very interesting way to share your photos, videos & experiences with your friends. But it becomes too irritating when some-one tags you in something which you don’t want to be a part of. Now, you would have the option to approve or reject before the picture or video actually gets published. So, you can control people tagging you in their content. Also, you can now approve or reject when someone tries to tag your content, even if they aren’t tagging you specifically. The major change in tagging option is of ‘tag anyone in your posts’, no matter you are friends with the person! Isn’t it interesting?

Shared with friends
Shared with friends

This feature would make it possible for you to share your experience with a large group of people inspite of the fact that you are not friends with them. And you never know, once you share your experience with them, they can become your friend. So, with the Facebook tagging feature you can expand your social circle!

Shared with Custom
Shared with Custom

Another change is of ‘un-tagging’. We think that this is the most sought after option by the Facebook fans. Facebook has tried to improve this feature by providing more options like asking the photo uploader to remove the photo from your profile completely and blocking that person on Facebook.

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The online travel site aims to target a larger section of the netizens through strategic social media activities.

Online travel company has partnered with OMLogic, an online and social media marketing company, to roll out strategic social media activities in order to reach out to a larger audience.

With this new initiative, aims to engage its target group through social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and YouTube. It aims to optimally use the social media platform to listen to, engage, encourage and support customers through new innovative initiatives.

  This is not the first time that will engage   audiences online. Over the years, the travel website has   carried out social media activities such as launching a Facebook page and integrating Facebook Connect with its Holidays section. It also launched ‘Twitter-only’ discount codes, a blog that’s been running for more than two years, a YouTube video channel and a weekly specialist question on Yahoo! Answers. Yatra also went live with its own forum a few months ago.

  Bharat Malik, head, online marketing,, tells   afaqs!, “While we have undertaken some social media   activities, it has all been in-house. Even the limited activities   we have tried have shown results. Thus, we feel the need to scale up our activities and follow a more integrated strategy. We’d like to do this with specialist inputs.”

Social media provides a great opportunity to engage in a dialogue and two-way communication with a brand’s customers. The number of people interacting with social media in one form or another has grown immensely, be it Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Scribd, Slideshare or blogs. These channels allow customers to share their opinions and feedbacks about a brand’s products and services in real time.

Regarding research related to traffic coming in from these sites, Malik says, “Internally, our team has carried out the research to establish the targets that we hope to achieve. Like all online marketing activities, we will use our analytic tools to measure the impact.”

Discussing the alliance, Kapil Gupta chief executive officer, OMLogic, says, “Yatra’s emphasis on social media underlines its customer focus and service oriented vision. It wants to truly ensure that its customers are heard and have the best service experience.”
Malik of adds, “Through our partnership, we aim to listen to what customers are saying about – not just to us but also to each other. This will enable us to improvise our services as per customers’ feedback. We look forward to a great response from our customers for this initiative.”

Launched in August 2006, Yatra is one of the top providers of direct travel services in India. Within a short span of time, it has shown an impressive growth by posting average revenue of $30 million a month, with a volume of 10,000 tickets and 350 rooms a day. The company achieved a gross turnover of $250 million for FY 2010.

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Social Bookmarking is still doubted by many marketers for its ability in supporting their Online Marketing campaigns. Marketers always tried escaping from the use and importance of Social Bookmarking and often considered it as a time taking unnecessary activity. They would rather find investing their time on Facebook and Twitter, neglecting usefulness of Social Bookmarking sites. Guys, I am very serious about Social Bookmarking as an essential online marketing and link building tool

There are always some questions in the mind regarding Social Bookmarking, like…

  • How a Social Bookmarking can promote my site?
  • What are the correct ways of Bookmarking posts?
  • What are the best Social Bookmarking sites?
  • Is it possible to Bookmark all of my posts?

These questions are not new, I am often hit by these questions numerous times speaking to my clients, colleagues and friends. Whenever I talk about Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing contributing major portion of it, I don’t forget to explain them the importance of Social Bookmarking. Well, this article may help you find answers to these questions.

Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web resources and contents. In social bookmarking websites, users create and store bookmarks of their choice. These bookmarks can be viewed by others and that let them know about new services and latest concepts which are making news in the online world. For example, Digg, Furl, Reddit and Stumble Upon are some of the most popular social bookmarking websites.

Descriptions may be added to these bookmarks in the form of metadata helping other readers understand the content of the resource without first needing to download it for themselves.

Social bookmarking is a great way to direct visitors to your blog or site. First, you have to build a site that is worth reading. Build on your blog content, and make sure that these are up to date as well. Of course, everything in print must be interesting if you aimed at making online readers your regular visitors. Millions of people use these Social Bookmarking websites daily to search for information on various topics. Naturally, when it comes to promoting your site or the content, the idea of bookmarking is to post links back to your own website pages on these traffic heavy websites.

Social bookmarking is a not only a powerful tool but you must be careful and not to become a social bookmarking spammer. Social bookmarking spammer will find himself in trouble getting his account banned and in result negative reputation over the web.

A one way link is created to your site, everytime a website is bookmarked. Most social bookmarking websites have high page rank scores and are considered to be authority websites in the eyes of the search engines. Resulting in your bookmarks being indexed very quickly and the relevant back link will be added to your overall link count.

The best thing about Social Bookmarking is that you can always re-bookmark your website or an article with different titles and description. By doing so, you will figure out the best title that can gain the most attention and visitor to your website, which may ultimately convert all the traffic to sales.

Social bookmarking sites are becoming increasingly popular to use as an alternative to search engines. By submitting your content to these sites, internet users are able to find your information without having to visit to search engines. The concept of searching in a social bookmarking site is very similar searching in search engines. Tags are used as keywords for search engines, so that when a user is searching for information related to your content, your information will appear in the search results.

Since there hundreds of social bookmarking web sites, you probably want to be a little selective regarding your content to be submitted to. There are many sites offering news and resources in specific categories for e.g Health Ranker is best considered in resources related to health, fitness, and medicines. However, there are many sites offering content from large category to choose from.

Click here for the list of Social Bookmarking websites.

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Content, as they say, is still king. Copy plays a stellar role in any social media marketing campaign. You may have the best social media strategy and incorporate them in your blogs, tweets, scraps and pretty much anything that is social; however, without the proper social copywriting or content writing strategy and technique, all will be lost. Your entire effort will go into vain.

You need to woo your targeted customer with a well crafted user-centric approach that would lead to an effective two-way communication.

Well, there are few questions that need answers before any SMM campaign. And you need to get them right, if you want your campaign to be a roaring success

It is decision time now.

So, what do you want?

The first question you need to answer.

Is it just traffic? Creating a buzz? Aiming for a higher rank in the search engines? Selling a product? Promoting something? Looking for long-term brand loyalty? Enhancing your reputation? And the list goes…

You need to be crystal clear about what you really want with your social media campaign. Once you have a definitive answer to what you want, you can pass on to the next question.

Who do you want (to target)?

This is as crucial as the first question.   You need to know the specific and precise segment of demography, the right people to target your campaign.  So, what are the different sets of customers that you want to address? Do you want to confine your social media marketing campaign to just your old customer segment? Are you looking to expand your reach from the target you already have?

Think over it and get the answers right. Don’t rue over things at hindsight; it is no use crying over spilt milk. Go ahead only when you are bang on target. You can’t afford hits that miss. Period.

And then it finally comes to the “How to” question.

Once you get the ‘What’ and the “Who” right, you enter the most critical phase that can make or mar your campaign.  You have a plethora of choices and you have to get it right.

Tweets? Blogs? Articles? Whitepapers? Newsletters? Case Studies? Research& Reports? Press Releases? Content Placement? Link Bait? Buzz Content?

So, how will it be???

The answers can make all the difference (to your Social Media Campaign). Please tweet me @Robin_Goel, if you find anything more useful to make this post more interesting.

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This is not my first write up on LinkedIn and its capabilities and utilities in a highly connected and networked world that we live in. However, in all my previous discourses, I emphasized and stressed on taking a holistic approach to effective marketing with LinkedIn.Unlike other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc, LinkedIn not only allows you to share images, videos, links and status updates, it provides you an added opportunity to market yourself. LinkedIn is a tool for “Personal Branding” (as is often understood in the industry circles); but I’d rather call it “Self Networking”. LinkedIn is one of the few professional networking sites that have stood the test of time, reputation intact, giving users a strong networking experience with its usability and capability. The rate at which people are signing up for the LinkedIn on a daily basis cannot be overlooked. The heavy rush to join the LinkedIn bandwagon is reason enough for you to join the networking site. In fact, you can find everyone, from Industry leaders, CEOs and CXOs to colleagues, and past employees on LinkedIn. Well, if you aren’t on LinkedIn now, you don’t have to wait for long; I guarantee you a request coming your way in a very short time.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that gives you options to add new connections, share information, recruit people, gain knowledge, seek opinions etc. You can recommend your colleagues and past employees for jobs and seek their support in your professional life too. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn is an apt platform that provides you opportunities to showcase your professional background, skills and knowledge, with solid references and accreditations of your work (by employers, peers and colleagues). LinkedIn not only brings you closer to the industry and market, it enhances and adds value to your profile, and plays a big role in carving a niche for yourself in the domain.
In today’s competitive business scenario, companies are always on the lookout for highly skilled and talented professionals. You never know the number of people who are interested in you, keeping a close eye on the latest developments in your professional front. There is no better platform than LinkedIn to checkout and search people for hire/contract. Activities on LinkedIn like networking, offering tips & suggestions, feedbacks, answering queries and knowledge sharing are highly regarded and given due importance. In fact, people join LinkedIn with the idea of connecting, and striking up professional relationships, with people from diverse groups, backgrounds and networks.

Of course, networking is not the sole purpose and reason to join LinkedIn; it has many other beneficial features too. LinkedIn provides you with multiple utilities from marketing your brand, customer handling and corporate communication to lead generation and most importantly ‘Online Reputation Management’. However, the unique feature of LinkedIn lies in discovering the hidden connections between the network and the real world.

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Social Media Marketing aids in Relationship selling

Your company’s success depends on a good sales cycle format. The pattern of sales cycle differs from business to business. So then, what’s the key to expand a business? Nowadays the online platform has a large number of people connected with each other. With the arrival of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn; the distance factor has almost vanished and people can stay connected quite easily. A traditional sales cycle looks something like this:

It is very important to use social media platform wisely to get effective results. Here are some important aspects of social media marketing.

  1. Listen

With the presence of such large audiences, one needs to observe and take steps accordingly. Like,

  1. Industry segmentation

Deciding the right audience is the most difficult part and also the industry which one would like to target to convey their message.

  1. Age group

Age group is an important aspect to be kept in mind to ensure that the message reaches the right audience.

  1. Area bifurcation

Which country are you targeting? And can you find the audience of that particular country in that particular platform?

  1. Engage

There must be a two-way conversation to build a good relationship with the person. Now engaging does not mean selling forcefully. It is very important to establish a communication channel. Social media is everywhere and one can stay connected & can even use their mobile phones to access these sites. Certain points you should keep in mind:

  1. Establish a valuable conversation
  2. Share meaningful stuff
  3. Use Photos/audios/videos, as it proves to be very effective
  4. Follow people with a good valid reason
  1. Respond

To create online presence is not difficult. What is more important is ‘how you react?’ Because when you respond in a right way, the cycle starts again! As displayed below:

How can we add Social media marketing in the Sales cycle?

Social Media

Lead Generation is a crucial part of a business. There are many ways to generate leads. Social media marketing can provide a lot of support in generating these leads. Every networking platform has its own uniqueness; it depends on how you use that platform to engage with your audiences.

To retain a client is always a challenge and there are number of ways that you acquire to maintain a good relationship. When you use social networking platform, it becomes quite easy to keep in touch every now & then without any hassle.

Things not to forget

  1. Say no to SPAM!

Sending links of your company can result in you being labeled a SPAMMER. It does a lot of damage to your reputation; your account may even get banned.

  1. Selling forcefully – not the right way.
  2. Engage a dialogue with the audience to the maximum extend.
  3. Be careful while sending out your marketing messages; revise it twice/thrice to avoid any negative feedbacks.

How can SMM agencies act as an agent?

In order to execute & regulate Social Media Marketing campaigns, one needs an expert in the segment. Experts who can analyze the current state of the company’s branding / reputation in the online world, assess their online reputation and, choose the right techniques to build the company’s branding and reputation.

Key aspects of SMM:

» Customer’s Business Model and Business Objectives
» Competitive Landscape
» Customer Segmentation
» Marketing Communication and Messaging
» Current Online Presence and SEO Compliance
» PPC Audit (if running)
» Conversion Analysis

» Measurability
» Website User Experience

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In today’s time, every business house, irrespective of size, is definitely looking at social networking channels to market itself. Initially, when social media sites came into being, the idea was to network, gossip, connect and share. They were nothing less than a revolution in communication and brought people closer.

Marketers have discovered great potential in these social media sites and online tools in terms of generating leads, creating a strong brand presence and reaching a large segment of the market. Recently, I got a call from a friend who lives in small village in India. He asked me to create a Facebook Page and a Twitter account for his shop where he sells mobile phones. Well, I am not promoting his shop on this blog, but his request took me by surprise, considering there is hardly any internet connectivity in the village. Heck, this guy didn’t even have a mail id, so why would he ask me for such a favour? His plan was that whenever his village is blessed with broadband connectivity, people will find his shop if they google the village name or if they join relevant friends on social networks.

Earlier, when marketers promoted their website, seeing themselves on the first page of search was their only goal. Then, in addition to that, came content ads and search ads for lead generation. I am sure by now, you are clear about what Social Media can offer to marketers, it’s potential in generating huge relevant traffic, branding, customer feedback, larger market share and, of course, leads and business opportunities. I have seen many marketers focused on creating brand presence even before launching their website. Although very channel and idea has its own useful period, in the current scenario, the usefulness of social media marketing cannot be decoupled from the overall marketing objective.

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Twitter’s recent Ad crackdown alienating the developer community comes as no surprise. In fact, many industry watchers have seen it coming for some time now; it was just a matter of ‘when’. And well, as expected brickbats have started flying in thick and fast, especially from the developer community and third-party advertising networks like and 140 Proof who will be cut deep by this move of Twitter.

Twitter on its part is doing all it can to make the “updated terms of service for developers” where no third-party advertising networks and developers can insert ads into a user’s stream, very reasonable. In the words of Dick Costolo, Twitter’s COO, the decision is to “preserve the unique user experience Twitter has created” and ensure the “long-term health and value of the platform.” Well, how far are these sincere remains to be seen, if one goes by the recent developments in Twitter.

Twitter had launched its own official Twitter clients a few weeks back, and now the prohibition barring ads developers from using the most obvious way of monetizing unofficial clients is not merely a co-incidence. Developers have no choice other than showing ads outside of the stream as they can no longer insert ads into the user’s streams. So, the stream, a ‘cash cow’ for most developers who have hitched their wagon on Twitter, is out of bound now for advertisers other than Twitter itself.

It is great news for Twitter; however it doesn’t definitely bode well for the 3rd party network developers. Twitter has in fact pulled on a fast one (on the developers), this time round.

This decision of Twitter would undercut and destroy many businesses that have been created and developed on Twitter. Well, the coming days would be interesting. Let’s watch!

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