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OML:  It’s been great. But it’s time to move on.

C.P:   But what did I do?

OML: It’s not you. It’s Me.

C.P: That’s what they ALL SAY!

Let’s just spell it out for you, before you start scratching your head about where we’re going with this blog. OMLogic is moving out of the much loved, much adored, but very much crowded and over hyped Connaught Place. There. We said it.

Where are we going, and what are the big fat plans? OMLogic is on its way to better and brighter things in Rajendra Place, which is at the heart of Delhi. The multi storeyed commercial complex has been calling our name for a while now. And after a lot of thought and careful deliberation, we have decided that it is a far more profitable option, when we compare it to the current office location, which is of course, C.P!

A person who probably visits C.P just once or twice a month and has a superfluous understanding of the place, would ignorantly ask …”Why would you move from C.P, the most sought after office location”? To answer that in a nutshell…C.P is going to the DOGS. Yes, there was a time when C.P was the PLACE TO BE, but all that has changed thanks to the rapidly growing corruption, illegal parking policies, and exorbitant rent rates, which to be quite honest, don’t match the dilapidated infrastructure.

As an agency, our work thrives in the space we choose, and with that being said, our humble office on the 3rd floor of the ‘slowly rotting to gory’ Harsha Bhawan could not live up to the creative juices, which were drying out faster than alcohol in a shot glass.

Dead wooden interiors with dim or no natural lights, a leaky roof, illegally constructed Zabardast(i) kitchen restaurant at ground floor and a missing building management with a mind numbing rent. Too much for us to handle. While we say this, our 5 years at Harsha Bhawan have been excellent and we are going with amazing memories of the place and the lovely terrace to go with it.

On the brighter side however, the new office at Rajendra Place is vibrant, compact, and has glass all over, which makes things so transparent, and lively. A ground floor office with a car-park of our own and a foodgasmic Mughal Mahal restaurant as neighbor. The best part? It is well situated, and is at a walking distance from the metro station. We really couldn’t have asked for a better and bigger deal.

An agency should feel like an agency, and this new office is going to give us those FEELS for sure. Needless to say, we can’t wait to get a move on, which will be in the second week of November 2017. Moreover, we can’t wait to flaunt our stuff, and drown your news feed with our new office pictures and videos. There is a lot of action and exciting things in store for us, and we are glad that you are a part of this next big venture with us!

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Navratri marks the beginning of the official festive season of India. And with this begins the great Indian marketing (read discount) league. Newspapers, radio channels, television channels and social media platforms, are full of messages like ‘never seen before discount’, ‘the big discount sale’, ‘enjoy maximum discount only with us’. And with social media, it looks like a war cry and oh there is bloodshed – purely in terms of a brand’s capacity to spend more. Amidst this, what brands miss is the fundamental question – what of it?

So, if you are wanting to make your presence felt this festive season via social media, here is the ultimate cheat sheet.

Innovate. Innovate. Innovate.

Innovate to declutter and stand out! As Thomas Edison once said, “There is a way to do it better – find it!”, that is precisely what you need! Come with a better way of marketing your product/services – great discount is one aspect of your overall marketing, don’t make it the way of life. Innovation is key to disruption. And you can either disrupt or be disrupted.

Turn the traditional shopping/gifting experience on its head

It’s not about the typical what will you gift this Diwali. It is about invoking the holier than thou holiday spirit amongst the audience. The entire shopping/gifting experience should be for them to extend their happiness and holiday celebration, not to get them in the holiday mode. Non-traditional gifting is a great opportunity for all kind of brands (value based versus price based).

Run local and targeted awareness ads

Go local in your approach – from Facebook ads to Instagram ads to Google search, ensure you add a dash of local in your content and creatives. This will help you reach the right target audience, create brand visibility and increase sales.

Ensure your content has both emotional and physical call to action

Content is the biggest asset – ensure the content designed for festive season appeals to both the right side and the left side of the consumer’s brain. The perfect mix of emotional and physical call to action is what makes the content shareworthy.

Be the festival spirit epitomized

Everything from the look of your page to the tonality should reflect the holiday spirit. Your customer service and other touch-points need to match-up to this expectation. Make people feel special, specifically during this time.

We hope you have a fabulous festive season and just in case you are struggling with the right campaign, well, our team of experts would love to help you! Drop in a mail at or drop by to our office in Connaught Place.

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Storms come and go, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling.

The above statement defines the badassery level that is Lord Varys. The master of whisperers, a skilled manipulator and the one who commands a network of informants across two continents, here are reasons why every agency could use a Lord Varys as their content strategist.

Data, research and analytics oriented

Knowledge is power and his Little Birds provide him with a massive array of insights and data. This information is what makes him essential. As a content strategist, that’s what you need – an eye and ear for every detail.

Knows when to talk to when to shut up

Lord Varys understands the power of silence and the power of timing. As a content strategist, he will know about the occasions when the brand shouldn’t speak. This will make him the best person for brand reputation management.

Non-emotional and balanced

Lord Varys has no complicated relationships and hence has extremely low emotional quotient. He remains both neutral and highly mysterious when questioned about his agenda. As a content strategist, you want to come across as un-biased and hence more trustworthy.

Cares about ROI and results

I serve the realm my lord, someone must.

Focused, determined and goal-oriented, there is nothing that can pose as an obstacle for Lord Varys in his path to success.

Creates seasonality and trends

He doesn’t get stuck with an evil king. He is willing to change loyalties as the situation and welfare of masses demand. As a content strategist, he will be the perfect guy for moment marketing. Leveraging seasonality and trends, he will always keep you on the winning side.

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It was raining in and out. While the rains outside made citizens question the word, ‘development’, the raining insights at NASSCOM Martech 2017 confluence saw marketing technologists, marketers and digital leaders come together and explore the exciting potential of newer technologies for intelligent marketing.

The agenda for this year was ‘Re-Imagine CX with Intelligent Marketing Technology’. The intent was to present rich case studies on how global and Indian companies are leveraging intelligent marketing tools to transform their businesses. The one-day event hosted at ITC Grand Central, Mumbai, also talked about the changing role of CMOs in a multichannel approach to customer experience.

As the social media partners for NASSCOM Events, we had a fantastic time covering the event live and talking to the speakers and delegates. Here are some of the key learnings from the event:

    • ‘Not just insights, it’s how you incite’, Josy Paul, Chairman, BBDO India explained it quick with Pecha Kucha. It was the second time that this Japanese way of storytelling made its way to MarTech confluence. You might be sitting on a data dynamite but unless you know how to use it to inspire and trigger apt actions, it’s completely useless.
    • Content is King but context is King Kong! You may have amazing content but until it is amplified to the right target group with the right context, it’s vain. Your story needs to become their story for amplification to happen.
    • Video marketing is no more constrained to creating impact. It now extends to motivating actions. If your video storytelling lacks the ability to steer action, you are in a mess.
    • Marketing is about influencing the influencers. This is the age of micro influencers. A brand needs to influence these influencers to market the brand’s products/services. Use the power of influence to generate best ROI.
    • Try, buy and dispose is the trend. Call it the Tinder effect, but consumers are serial dating with brands. Hence, just being available won’t help brands, they need to become accessible. A brand becomes a rage when it is at arm’s length of desire. Brands need to stay true to their personality and up their desirability quotient.
    • Staying fresh and staying new is the key. Keep experimenting but, while you experiment ensure you are supported by data. Ensure there is productive use of data to reach customer touch-points and learn how they are intertwined.
    • The only answer for scaling up is technology. While making technology their best friend, marketers and brands need to ensure that they are interactive not interruptive. Invading the privacy of a customer and coming out as an interactive brand has a thin line that needs to be managed intelligently.
    • In this age of hyper-personalization, offering great customer experience is the key. Brands need to marry digital marketing, traditional marketing with product experience to build an effective brand. Understanding customer persona on real-time basis will be a game changer for marketers in the coming years.
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key enabler of intelligent marketing and data breathes life into it. Though external skills are required to implement AI, but the business knowledge should flow from internal teams. Brands need to remember, AI will work if the data is sorted and targeted. A fundamental change management is required for adapting to AI as it is no more a choice.
    • All marketing campaigns will be digital in the next 2-3 years. Digital transformation is a journey. Brands need to lead with customer experience. People, process and projects bring MarTech to life.
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It’s very rare for an IT company to have a good digital / social presence. This is a hard reality though doesn’t seem logical if you think about it. Technology company understand technology better, hence they should have a better grasp of digital technologies. They should be able to leverage that knowledge and create better digital presence for themselves.

On the surface, this looks about right but if you look deep down it is flawed and hence the struggle most technology companies have faced in their digital presence over the years.

In our experiences, the key issue with technology companies is the fact that they are a technology company. They understand the digital portion of it but absolutely do not understand the marketing portion of it. This constant battle of the left and the right brain creates an unworkable environment.

To begin with, the objective of digital in most technology companies is better search results and larger community sizes on social networks versus beginning with defining the brand and what the company stands for.

Let’s start with the basic – Most technology companies want to go online to get better leads, conversions and higher revenue. But the question is what do you tell a potential customer such that they choose you. If you are an IT company, here is what you need to tell them:

We have skill and expertise (people based), low attrition (people based) and low YTY cost increase (people based). Essentially, social for IT companies need to be about the employees and their accomplishments. Ofcourse the case studies, the white papers, the testimonials are important, but the larger context of “is it replicable?” is just as important.

Few brands like Microsoft and TCS have realized this and their entire marketing campaigns have become people centric. Creating brand ambassadors and increasing the employee share of voice on social (versus the usual let’s stop employees from wasting time on social media) is the name of the game.

At OMLogic, we have the expertise and experience to be able to help IT company leverage digital and social media. Contact us if you are looking at taking your digital presence to the next level.

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India has been a land of change over the last decade. Everything about our lives has gone through a fundamental transformation. While people hail this as a telecom, transportation, IT revolution, in our view one sector that has been at the forefront of all this is the banking / finance sector. Well, YES, this transformation itself has been enabled by telecom and IT, but it has also been significantly enhanced by a social, cultural and service change.

Gone are the days when it took days to open an account, charges for every time you touched anything around the bank, hostile (not just unresponsive) staff wanting to do nothing. And the paradigm itself has changed. Banking is now no longer about service you get inside the bank.

Social media has opened numerous opportunities for the banking segment. There has been a sea shift in the overall consumer responsiveness driven by some of the following factors:

  • More easily accessible services due to IT and mobile integration
  • Free-flow competition from banks, digital wallets etc
  • Digital wallet and easing government policies and regulation
  • Proliferation of customers and the reduction of black money in the system

Banks have realized this and have been focused on large transformational campaigns around marketing themselves and standing out. The calls have been both efficiency based (functional) as well as relationship based (emotional). They have been interlinked with new capabilities and products that the bank offers.

While all this is true, we think the true social enablement of a bank hasn’t yet happened. While there have been some interesting campaigns and large scale ORM enablement by Axis, HDFC, ICICI, Yes Bank and others, there is huge scope in integrating online-offline in this sector. The actual transactions, the marketing campaigns, the ease of availing service, the in-bank experience and the mobile experience; it all need to come together as one cohesive story. Digital first is the need of the hour for the banking segment and offline to follow and represent the same story. The offline staff need to be empowered to become the champions of the brand (online, offline and in their customer experiences).

At OMLogic, we are ready for this change and would love to partner with a like-minded bank that wants to go the whole hog. Write to us at

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If you are a brand manager, an entrepreneur, a restaurant owner or simply a businessman looking to expand your business and are twiddling with the thought of social media marketing, this is for you. Here are 10 signs that you should invest in social media right away!

Unless you are a caveman and your target audience is the cave-clan, social media marketing will help your business grow. Connect with our digital strategy experts to know more.

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In this digital age, love and attention are the two most expensive things. To expect your customers to like your brand and further interact and engage is similar to praying to the rain gods in the Sahara. Customers today are spoilt for choices and brand loyalty is gone for a toss. If you don’t win that hamper from Decathalon, you always have the option to participate in online contests hosted by Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Woodland, Reebok, Adidas and so many more!

The other reason is that all brands look and talk the same! In this cluttered digital environment, it is difficult for brands to stand out (or they have simply stopped trying). Imagine this – from Tropicana to Fresca to Minute Maid, everybody says the same thing – we are 100% fruit-based. Or better still, remove the logos from all the real estate ads – now, can you make out which property belongs to DLF, which one belongs to RPS, Unitech, Wave and Ansal?

So, brands, it’s time to pull up your socks and also your digital marketing game! Here are few tricks to master the art of customer seduction. If you do it right, you might just end up with a few dozen brand loyalists and that makes all the difference.

Have a Brand Identity

Your social media marketing includes a post or two on Facebook, few conversations on Twitter and some campaigns on Instagram. This used to work few years ago but today the digital world demands more than just some (random) creatively led campaigns. Digital marketing needs to start with defining the brand, what message are you looking to promote in digital, who are you looking at promoting your message to and the most important one – why will those people care about your message?! Within this framework, also define the tonality of the brand – you cannot be arrogant one day and warm and approachable the other. Keep consistency in messaging, tonality and overall content themes to clearly define what you stand for. If you are a travel brand that stands for happy travels, then please for the love of god, don’t paint the digital town with ads that shout out cheap travels.

Be Human

Chatbots and automated messaging modules if not enabled with intelligent machine learning can turn out to be extremely frustrating for your customers. From tackling online reputation issues to ensuring 2-way communication, ensure that you converse as a brand. By all means, use technology, but use it well.

Be Honest

In the digital world, where customers often hold the brands for ransom, it is important for brands to pick their battles. Ignore the trolls, respond to genuine rants/feedback and accept your follies. After all, stupid is what stupid does!

Be Topical

Also known as Moment Marketing, it is about creating relevant connections in real time – when a customer reacts to a TV series, news event or even trivial things such as weather change. The ability of the brands to take advantage of trending news and packaging it appropriately for the audiences can completely change the game. Do it only if you can deliver quality message in a short turnaround time. You definitely don’t want to cut a sorry figure later.

Last but not the least, remember, digital marketing is not random messaging. Leverage the platform to deliver quality and unique messaging and you will have customers for life!

If you are struggling with the how to’s of it, drop us a mail at

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Digital media is changing the way people live, think and act today. The recent tweet by the US President, Donald Trump forces us to re-think about the difference between freedom of speech and hatred-led targeting.

Is the keyboard turning mightier than the sword in this digital era?

Here’s what our CEO, Kapil Gupta thinks about the changing nature of news and media and its effect on our lives.

From a simplistic world where there were 8-10 news outlets that regulated everything, where there was a clear distinction of Alpha male in news (the news generators) and the Beta male in news (the news consumers), we have come to the social media world of everybody being an Alpha male. These news outlets had credibility and more importantly accountability. They came from different ideologies and philosophies, which meant they will broadcast different POV’s to help a user become informed. There would be random cases of them manipulating (because of money or pressure or power), but such cases would be far and few in between.

The glut of news channels and blogs and micro-blogs, the reducing cost of being able to create such channels and the years of planning done by some people has made the world extremely vulnerable.

The Arab Spring taught one thing to the world – power of the people. But it also taught one thing to the smart ones – power to manipulate people. And that’s precisely what we see these days.

While we all live in the glory of freedom of expression and power to all, the truth is it is doing more harm than good. The assumption since the beginning of time has been that the normal average human is an idiot who will eat and drink anything and can’t distinguish between truth and false (also called as rumor or alternate facts or misquotes) is still as true as it was in medieval times.

The fact that Qatar fiasco could have been caused by some Russian hackers, the fact that someone could take some pictures from an Afghanistan scuffle and show it as religious lynching in India, the fact that anyone can manipulate larger public opinion by planning some false stories is just outright dangerous. The fact that this planner has zero accountability and traceability makes it more venomous than the best nuclear weapons available.

We need to formulate some control mechanism for it. The smart ones owe it to the world to help restore some order. I am not talking about curbing ‘freedom of expression’ but there is definitely a balance to be created.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton was right when he said, ‘Pen is mightier than the sword’, little could he comprehend the power of new media.

What’s your view about the Trump-CNN video and the overall impact of digital media on freedom of expression? Share your views in the comment section.

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From curating content to planning, scheduling, measuring, analyzing, experimenting, helping the team internally and figuring out what to have for lunch, the life of a social media manager is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride!

This turbulence and upheaval exists in their life despite the availability of social media management tools.

The question is why do these tools complicate life vs making it easier and simpler?!

We did a bit of analysis on our end and we think following are the possible reasons for it.

Firstly, let’s relook at the problem statement. The problem is not the abundance of tools, the problem is the lack of right* tools.

And before you bombard us with your product decks that have been tried and tested in the market, let’s look at the little asterisk mark in the above statement. Choosing the ‘right’ tool is as difficult as or probably more difficult than finding your soulmate or choosing a place to eat!

  • A lot depends on what you are seeking or expecting from the tool. Each tool has a peculiar way of functioning, be it data capturing or its representation. Every social media marketer has a different requirement for how they want to look at and analyze the data. Unlike an offline shop that shuts down in the night, social media is 2-way communication channel that keeps running non-stop! And this leads to creation of a humongous amount of data. Therefore, it is important to know what data points are important for your business. For example: As an ecommerce brand, you will care about number of transactions, while as B2B technology company, you will care about relevancy of leads, while as a product that doesn’t sell online, you will only care about engagement.
  • Our further analysis got us into a whole human vs robot debate. Social media is part creative (right brain) and part technology/analytics (left brain). So, while machines exist to capture data non-stop, a human mind is required to make sense of it. For a tools company, subtleties are minor rounding errors in the larger context but for a social media marketer those subtleties are what need handling. Ironies, sarcasm and all sort of contradictory emotions are every social marketer’s nightmare and most tools can’t distinguish these emotions.
  • Social and digital media is a nascent industry, which means everyone is evolving. The marketers and the brands alike. We keep inventing new means to connect and engage and discover new hacks everyday!
  • Platforms are evolving by the day, which makes it very difficult to keep up. One week off and you are behind the curve. One month off and you are outdated.

So, before choosing any tool, ask yourselves the same questions that you would have before choosing a place to eat!

  • Does it suit your needs?
  • Does it allow you to have add-ons?
  • Does it make the overall experience worthwhile?
  • Does it offer over and beyond others in the market?
  • Is it affordable or unnecessarily expensive?

Above all, think whether you will be able to do some decision making from the data or the analysis the tool throws at you. Having data because it looks good to you is a recipe for disaster.

Hope this helps ease your life a bit! Let us know about your thoughts in the comment box below.

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