Author: Kapil Gupta

I am in Singapore right now and will be speaking about “SEO and usability” at SMX Singapore on Monday.

I have been doing some research on SEO and usability in preparation for my talk, and have been very surprised to find that most people think about usability starting with the website. Also, usability is looked at as a feature of what the web-designer provides.

As I have mentioned on this blog previously, for myself and the OMLogic team, usability starts with Search Results (Essentially Title / Description) and is an ESSENTIAL function of Search Engine Optimizer. Please refer to the following link for more information on our usability Philosophy starting with search results.

I want to use this blog to get feedback from our readers about what are there thoughts on SEO incorporating usability as a key feature of there work?

– Kapil

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We have always had a simple philosophy on running OMLogic: Our customers should know OMLogic as the experts in Online Marketing and the most hard working team and we should execute flawlessly, making us the leaders. But our employees and potential employees should recognize us as the company with the best and most fun loving work environment.

To that extent, we set some targets for OMLogic to achieve, and to celebrate the last success we had a team party last Saturday (13-9-08). The party consisted of the entire OMLogic team with families and was a full day affair at the Best Western Country Club near Gurgaon, the finest resort in and around Delhi that I have seen so far.

So far I knew that the OMLogic Team worked hard. Last week I got to know the other side, they party hard as well. 🙂

Rain Dance

From the left: Kapil Nakra, Aaliyah Gupta (holding Kapil Gupta’s hand), Hridya Chopra (in Pradeep Chopra’s arms), Umrao Singh and Raj Digari

The day started late with a nice lunch get together on the way to the country club, and ended with a sumptuous late-dinner, and consisted of an event packed day:

– Camel and horse riding. It was great to see the camel sitting down and the scary looks on the riders when it did. It was my second experience riding a camel (first of my adult life) and I throughly enjoyed the scary moments.
– Racing in the pool: Everyone got in the pool and showed their prowess.
– Rain Dance (SOBER)
– A game of Housie (where our lucky guy Pradeep Chopra won first house out of a group of 200 people)
– Dance to the bollywood tunes (In the Bar)

Overall the team had great fun. Just one of the ways we make OMLogic a great place to work.

We are always looking for more ideas on making our work environment more fun filled and enjoyable for everyone around. We will appreciate your comments with these ideas.

We are always looking for good people, so please visit Careers @ OMLogic for available career opportunities with OMLogic, or send a mail to

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At OMLogic, we implement Online Marketing for our clients with a holistic approach. We strongly believe that for any business, whether a new one or an established one, online marketing only works when it is aligned with organization’s business objectives and is in sync with its fundamental marketing strategy.

We start with a complete and thorough understanding of our customer’s marketing strategy and then apply our expertise in online marketing to layout an optimal framework and roadmap for their business. During this phase, we also build basic framework for SEO (on-page and off-page optimization strategy, KW Research, Tags Creation, Title creation, content overview, filenames/URL’s, page structure and templates). Our framework helps us get key insights into our customers business, and implement SEO that doesn’t just get more traffic to the website, but really impacts our customer’s business objective.

Example: Recently, I had a customer with a global customer base and most of the revenue coming from India, US and Europe. They contacted OMLogic Consulting with an urgent issue in their Online Marketing Implementation, specifically their Search Engine Optimization. Their organic traffic had fallen off 25% in the last 6 months, and being a B2C business, which has significant dependence on SEM (SEO/PPC) driving new potential customers, this lower traffic was severely impacting sales. They hadn’t done much SEO work over the last 6 months, and they perceived that as impacting rankings for them across the globe.

OMLogic took the same holistic approach to SEO analysis work. Initially OMLogic engaged in a deep-dive fact-finding and assessment work. During this phase OMLogic evaluated their Business Model and Business Objectives, Competitive Landscape, Marketing Communication and Messaging, Current Online Presence and SEO Compliance, and Measurability. OMLogic also conducted a detailed Keyword Analysis for them.
The results were very different from the Problem statement as laid out by the customer, and surprised both OMLogic and them. Below were the key findings:

** Keyword Analysis: After performing a complete evaluation, we determined that the customer was using KW’s that they wanted their customers to use while searching for them, which were very different than how the customer was actually looking for them. Their product name had words which were seldom used by the customer. We recommended changing the product name. This unleashed a huge opportunity for the customer to drive relevant traffic to their website.

** Traffic Analysis: Customer came with the issue that their traffic was down due to no SEO work. After our analysis, we determined that the customer’s traffic over the last 6 months was down 65% across the globe (excluding India), and the traffic was up 10% in India. So, the changes in traffic were geography based and not global. Customer ranks were very low in US (not even in top-100 for most KW’s), and much higher in India (top 20 ranks for almost all relevant KW’s).

We now had the framework for their implementation, which was focused primarily on targeting the right KW’s (thereby ensuring right traffic) and doing extensive geo-targeting for US customer base. This ensured we remained laser focused on performing the right actions which could get results for our client.

In the next post we will talk about specific actions we took in geo-targeting, and the impact they had on our customer’s business.

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Hello Everyone,

I am Kapil Gupta, one of the Founders of OMLogic Consulting, and I welcome you to OMLogic’s corporate blog. I will be boring you with all the exciting stuff that goes on at OMLogic.

We are a bunch of very dedicated people who come from diverse background and got into the business of providing online marketing services. We understand “Online Behavior and excel in “Taking Businesses Online” …


I know, I know.. Most of you are thinking that this info is available on our website, why the heck do we put it on our Blog..

I got it, and will stop.

I will start this blog by introducing our team, you can read all the boring stuff about us on our website (Our People), I will only talk about the interesting stuff here. We have 1 Suresh, 2 Kapil’s and 1 Pradeep:

Suresh Arora: Think before you act. You should know the next 10 steps before you embark on a journey.

Kapil Nakra: How will I know the next 10 steps till I don’t take the 1st step. Let me just dip my feet in water, and feel it. But wait. Before you go, make sure you don’t end up making a small company. I only want to make a big company. STOP.. Lets think more !!

Kapil Gupta: Boring.. Lets just move. You wanna plan, go plan.. You wanna move, go move.. Just don’t bore me.

Pradeep Chopra: These guys will just keep talking.. Endlessly. I got work to do.
While you guys finish your discussions and arguments I will get couple of clients and come back.

In the next post, I will talk about how we started OMLogic.. Keep coming, and keep the comments going..

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