Author: Kapil Gupta

Started as a concept to share personal events, thoughts and pictures with friends and family, the evolution of social media has reached a crescendo where the private and professional have been merged to achieve marketing and sales goals. But this was stone age, given where we stand today.

From generic ‘click on this deal’ ads in the peripheral margins of the unnoticed web space to humane story feeds on Instagram and Snapchat, the marketing strategies now roam around in fresh cloaks. Firms have entered Snapchat and Instagram to forge impressions on the subconscious minds of their viewers-slash-consumers. There, hence, remains but little demarcation between what is ethically and socially just. So sorry Zomato, irrespective of all the explanations, your decision to advertise on porn sites was wrong. It was not only cringe-worthy but it also transcended that thin mesh of social responsibility that one should have as an online marketeer.

However, it would be wrong to point fingers at just one instance. Marketeers jump the gun to use a socially relevant buzzing topic to up their marketing game. The need of the hour is to take onus and responsibility of the deathly hallows that the online space is becoming in the wake of cyber terrorism. There is no need to discuss the power of internet that comes with the stripping identity under fake accounts and fake news, given that the same has become a rhetoric.

This brings us to the recent hot topic – Hindustan Unilever. While the focus of the supposed declaration is on the brand imaging of the firm, it cannot altogether be ignored as a step towards responsible marketing. “Unilever, as a trusted advertiser, does not want to advertise on platforms that don’t make a positive contribution to society,” Keith Weed (CMO, Hindustan Unilever) plans to say, according to a copy of the speech seen beforehand. Keith also plans to “call the technology industry to improve transparency and consumer trust in the area of fake news and toxic content,” writes TOI.

On the occasion of World Social Justice Day, taking heed from Hindustan Unilever, let’s vouch to promote a healthy and cohesive digital space.  Because as Peter Kropotkin, the Russian activist said, “competition is the law of jungle, but co-operation is the law of civilisation.”

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Who hasn’t walked the wire of texting and fallen miserably by just a wrong text to a wrong person! What about the time you accidentally sent that “non-veg joke” to your frowny judgmental colleague instead of your friend? Well, situations may differ, but we’ll take that as a “Yes”. To top it all, where just a few years ago, embarrassment was only captured in carefully cloistered photo albums, now it parades out in the open on cruel screenshots, putting our hard-earned reputations at stake. But rejoice as the gods of humiliation have finally showed some mercy!

With the new update WhatsApp has rolled out, you get to recall your texts. No, not that pseudo-recall that used to work just for you while shamelessly letting your texts linger everywhere else. This time, you actually get to delete your messages once and for all, from your and the recipients’ devices. The feature, recently launched by the app, is functional in Android, iOS & Windows. All it takes is just one update and you’re set!

Now let’s peel the rosy onion a little bit and get to the flipside. A, if you thought you could send a message and retrieve it, like, whenever, well, you’re wrong! The texts can only be deleted within 7 minutes of being sent. B, both you and the recipient should be using the latest version of WhatsApp for the feature to work properly. C, after deletion, the text leaves a “This message was deleted” notification on the receiver’s chat box, almost like that ‘Edit’ option on Facebook posts & comments that lets everyone see what you edited in the first place. D, you receive no notification of the message being deleted on the receiver’s end. And E, if the text has already been read by the recipient, you’re pretty much on your own!

We won’t go into the details of where to tap and where to hold, to access this brand-new tech-boon. Whatever be the caveats, at least now you can be a little more careless while typing a serious or a *ahem ahem* text that no one but the intended is supposed to see!

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Let us look at what is considered as one of the most important metrics in the current social media world. Twitter Trends.

What Twitter wants it to mean – A top 10 list of most important topics being discussed or talked about on Twitter related to India and in India at any given point of time.

What it actually means – A top 10 list of keywords and hashtags where social media agencies, political parties and PR companies have begged, borrowed, stolen or outrightly manipulated data and tweets to make their campaign on the top 10.

How customers look at them – My campaign didn’t trend on Twitter. It didn’t work.

How agencies look at them – So much engagement, so much authentic growth. But it didn’t trend. Client won’t be happy.

How politicians, movie stars look at them – Just give hashtag to my media center with 500 people and send SMS to my 20K supporters who have pledged to do 2 tweets each on any campaign I want to trend.

Being an avid researcher on Twitter, we can confirm that more than 5 out of the 10 trends are manipulated and forced.

Unless there is more control put in to ensure authenticity, this notion of Twitter trends being the de-facto standard for true conversations or for the success of a campaign will fade away. As of now, a lot of marketeers are starting to move towards more relevant metrics.

So, how do you look at a Twitter Trend? Tweet and tell.

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“…You married the first girl that you dated… Gay was a sophisticated English word for happy… Apple was still then just a fruit…”Eureka!” was what you screamed when you wanted to run naked on the streets… Migration was a term then still reserved for Siberian trains, not human beings… Most importantly, you were who you were and you said what you thought…

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting you the unconventional, not-so-chocolatey and an unapologetic philosopher cum star, Shahrukh Khan! The actor recently spoke at TED Talks (the first Indian actor to do so) in Vancouver and the 17 minute talk is a brilliant mix of wisdom and wit. And for those of you who would want to see more of SRK can now rejoice as Star India would soon be broadcasting TED Talks India: Nayi Soch, hosted by the superstar.

Nothing gives us more joy that being a part of this journey as the strategic digital media partners for TEDx Delhi (an independently organized TED event). With that subtle integration, let’s look at the 12 best quotes from the talk that will touch your heart, inspire you and make you think twice about humanity, love and yourself.

  • “I truly believe that humanity is a lot like me. It’s an ageing movie star, grappling with all the newness around itself, wondering whether it got it right in the first place, and still trying to find a way to keep on shining regardless.”
  • “The internet happened. I was in my late 40s, and I started tweeting like a canary in a birdcage and assuming that, you know, people who peered into my world would admire it for the miracle I believed it to be. But something else awaited me and humanity. You know, we had expected an expansion of ideas and dreams with the enhanced connectivity of the world. We had not bargained for the village-like enclosure of thought, of judgment, of definition that flowed from the same place that freedom and revolution was taking place in.”
  • “In this new world, slowly, reality became virtual and virtual became real, and I started to feel that I could not be who I wanted to be or say what I actually thought, and humanity at this time completely identified with me. I think both of us were going through our midlife crisis, and humanity, like me, was becoming an overexposed prima donna.”
  • “I just want to tell you if there has been a momentous time for humanity to exist, it is now, because the present you is brave. The present you is hopeful. The present you is innovative and resourceful, and of course, the present you is annoyingly indefinable.”
  • “The land I come from is the source of inexplicable but very simple spirituality… The people of this ancient land embraced me in their limitless love, and I’ve learned from these people that neither power nor poverty can make your life more magical or less tortuous. I’ve learned from the people of my country that the dignity of a life, a human being, a culture, a religion, a country actually resides in its ability for grace and compassion.”
  • “I’ve learned that whatever moves you, whatever urges you to create, to build, whatever keeps you from failing, whatever helps you survive, is perhaps the oldest and the simplest emotion known to mankind, and that is love.”
  • “…all the books of knowledge that you might read and then go ahead and impart your knowledge through innovation, through creativity, through technology, but mankind will never be the wiser about its future unless it is coupled with a sense of love and compassion for their fellow beings.”
  • “The two and a half alphabets which form the word “प्रेम,” which means “love,” if you are able to understand that and practice it, that itself is enough to enlighten mankind. So I truly believe the future “you” has to be a you that loves. Otherwise it will cease to flourish. It will perish in its own self-absorption.”
  • “So you may use your power to build walls and keep people outside, or you may use it to break barriers and welcome them in. You may use your faith to make people afraid and terrify them into submission, or you can use it to give courage to people so they rise to the greatest heights of enlightenment. You can use your energy to build nuclear bombs and spread the darkness of destruction, or you can use it to spread the joy of light to millions.”
  • “My country has taught me the capacity for a human being to love is akin to godliness. It shines forth in a world which civilization, I think, already has tampered too much with.”
  • “I believe the future “you” is an infinite you. It’s called a chakra in India, like a circle. It ends where it begins from to complete itself. A “you” that perceives time and space differently understands both your unimaginable and fantastic importance and your complete unimportance in the larger context of the universe. A “you” that returns back to the original innocence of humanity, which loves from the purity of heart, which sees from the eyes of truth, which dreams from the clarity of an untempered mind.”
  • “The future “you” has to be like an ageing movie star who has been made to believe that there is a possibility of a world which is completely, wholly, self-obsessively in love with itself.”

Here’s the full video of the talk.

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It’s been an exciting day and we would love to spend our Fridays like this. Our CEO, Kapil Gupta, answered numerous queries people had around social media and startup ecosystem via TweetChat organised by BWDisrupt. From questions related to social metrics to strategy to ROI, we had plethora of questions coming from start-ups from all domains.

Here are some of our favourite tweets from the session.

If you missed this opportunity to ask your concerns and queries, you can always get connected with us at @omlogic and/or @kapgup.

Also, we are planning for another social media masterclass with BWDisrupt. Stay tuned for the updates.

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If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it!

When a visitor arrives or “lands” on any page of your website, the most important thing is to:

  • Catch their eye
  • Persuade
  • Convert them into a lead and further a customer

To achieve this, you must align all the elements that make each landing page work up towards a goal.

Create a consistent experience

No matter what is the origin of the visitor, it can be from SEO, SEM, from another page or from an email marketing campaign. The important thing is that they have come by clicking on a link or banner that was proposing something. Therefore, it needs to be consistent with the message of the previous step and presented in the way the visitor expects.

Eliminate navigation

As in case of malls, where they eliminate sunlight and all kinds of time reference for you to concentrate on the process of purchase, a landing page must eliminate distractions to lead the visitor to the desired action: conversion.

Size of a landing page

It depends on the audience and how the information is presented. In repeated tests, long landing pages that give details of the product or service lead to better results than the shorter ones. The only way to find the ideal size is by testing what works best in your specific case.

Video or image?

Video generally has more ability to hold the attention than an image. Once the visitor clicks on play, all their attention gets focussed on the video. Obviously the video should explain the product and its benefits and not show a corporate AV if you want the visitor to buy the product. Videos are definitely more expensive as you need a professional video for better conversions. It must be a maximum of 2-3 minutes. Any longer than that and you end up losing attention of your visitors.


The main keywords used in SEO and PPC to attract traffic to your landing page must be present throughout the text and in the title.

The “selling image”

Not only the main image of your product or service, you must also keep in mind that all graphic elements on the landing page can have a significant impact on the outcome of your campaign – both positive and negative.

  • Numerous studies have shown that images lead to better conversion.
  • Various studies have shown that photos of products that can be rotated 360° get increased conversions.
  • The images used on the landing page must be clearly related to the message to be conveyed.
  • The “Call to Action” is that element of the web that asks visitors to take action. Subtle changes in the CTA button (such as colour, size or location) can significantly impact the conversion rate.
  • The way the message has been framed is a key element in the conversion. Opt for a simple, clear and appealing message that inspires visitors to take action. Make sure to draw attention. Normally, the bigger the better.
  • Keep in mind what the user sees when the page loads without having to scroll. The user will spend 80% of their time in this part of the page. Therefore, keep the most important elements in this space.
  • Always use the same CTA: if every time you show the button that has a different message, colour and size, you will end up misleading the visitor. It is recommended to use the same CTA all over the landing page.


  • It is the key point of conversion. The aim is to make the visitors leave their details.
  • The form should be easy to understand and present the instructions clearly and concisely.
  • Use arrows or other types of directional signs to indicate the visitor to follow the action.
  • The fewer the number of fields, the better the conversions. Identify what information is vital to close the sales cycle and add fields accordingly.


Let your phone number be clearly visible so that the visitor feels confident about being able to contact you, if needed.

Testimonials are a very effective way to build trust. Add genuine testimonials with genuine images.

Expose the visitors to any kind of membership and associations that you are part of to build trust.

The authenticity outsells the hard sell

On the Internet it is easy to compare and find out who’s lying. Focus on the benefits and on how you can help the visitor, rather than making promises that cannot be met. A dissatisfied customer is the last thing you want to have.

Use facts that impact

Statements such as “top pick of the city” or “the best in the industry” are little verifiable and tend to generate more suspicion than trust. Therefore, focus on facts that can be proven true. For example, if you are a restaurant writing – “FDA certified with 300 plus daily orders” or “We served Biryani to more than 40,000 customers last year” etc makes a lot more sense.


If everything other than design is perfect, all the effort will go waste. According to studies, 90% of visitors avoid a website if its appearance is not to their taste. In other words, you cannot afford to lose customers by not having a professional design.


Is there anything more annoying than a pop-up? Don’t bring visitors to the website only to annoy them, it is best to not use any popup.

Use of photos that scream “stock”

An Indian shop showing western models posing with dresses, especially if they are listed in the top results of Google Images do not make any sense. The images must seem natural and relevant.

Metrics, analytics and reporting

Remember the quote “what you cannot measure, you cannot manage.”

Use a tool for analytics. The easiest and cheapest is Google Analytics. Other tools are more focused but come with a recurring cost. Paid tools are better if you have any specific requirement and have huge data volume to analyze.

Measure conversion

Be clear about what is the measure of success in a landing page. Normally when an action is completed, like a sales or form fill, we say that a conversion has happened. Your objectives can differ, but you need to define goals to map the whole effect.


It is impossible to attain perfection at first. Human behaviour is unpredictable and often leads to surprises. The good news is that the Internet allows us to experience and test quickly and effectively to keep improving the effectiveness of our campaigns.

What are we testing?

First, you must test the effectiveness of the main elements of the landing page including title, benefits and main image. You can also opt to try two totally different designs to see how visitors react to each of them.

Test A / B:

Make two variations of the same landing page where you try to change individual elements (title, image, benefits, buttons, etc.) or the entire design to see what works best.

It is also good to do A/B/C testing. Compare 3 different pages with different messaging and picture along with the communication. Remove the least performing page and keep the two and add another version. Also do multi-variance tests in between to find out the best combination.

Multi-variance Test

Unlike the above, the user is not presented with two different pages, but it is always the same and what will change are the individual items to see which ones work best. Technically it is more complex and requires more visits to make statistically relevant decisions.

There is no perfect landing page. Always keep your eyes open and do brainstorming to gather new ideas and improve the conversion numbers. Ask your sales force, marketing department and incorporate relevant inputs and ideas that allow you to keep improving.

Measuring the traffic sources:

As you can measure the effectiveness of each of the elements, web analytics tools allow knowing what traffic sources are becoming better and therefore more profitable. This information will help you distribute the budget more efficiently.

Connect Adwords with Google Analytics

With Adwords you will know the number of impressions, CTR, Clicks, Conversions, conversion rate and cost. However, once it has been connected to Google Analytics, the information you get becomes invaluable for decision making: bounce rate, browsers, breadcrumbs, time on site, etc. If you have not done it, it’s not too late! Do it today.

​​Paid & Affiliate campaigns

When to use a landing page? – The goal of each click is, by definition, to achieve a conversion (except when it comes to branding campaign). Therefore, PPC campaigns with the landing page must be optimized to achieve the highest number of clicks, reduce bounce rate, average position and increase the quality score and improve conversions. With sufficient information, you should be able to reduce bids or pause keywords with lower conversion and give more prominence to the most profitable ones.

No matter the source of the traffic, whether from search engines or from other reference pages, the important thing is to maximize conversions and if you have affiliates, have the obligation to do so not only for you but also for all those who trust you and your business to generate income. Also, if you are able to offer high data rates conversion, it will be easier to get new members.

How to display Pricing

There is a whole science about pricing and many companies are now engaged in finding the right price for each product. It is extremely complex and has many nuances. However, it is interesting to apply some concepts to improve landing pages:

Hide the price – When the objective is to maximize the number of leads to try to close the sale by other means (phone, email, etc.) hiding the price makes many visitors take the step of leaving their data for more information. The positive side is getting more leads, but they are less qualified. Think what is best for your business and test which option has the greatest impact on your bottom line.

$199, $499 or $999 are the kind of prices that customers do not get tired of seeing. The reason is fully psychological as consumers react better to this little trick.

Now it is cheaper – “$99 (normally $149)” is another way to make the visitor see that it is a bargain they cannot miss.

Countdown – “Only until the tenth day” – The feeling that you will lose the chance to get what you want makes the conversion go higher.

Discounts – Various tests have shown that the discounts expressed in monetary units ($50 discount) work better than a percentage (10% discount). Although the amount maybe equal, psychologically it works better.

You can combine urgency + discount – something like “Save $15 if you book before August 15″.

Always Keep Testing

If you have managed to implement all the above tips you’ve made ​​significant improvements, but it is only the beginning. The more you work to optimize conversions, the greater the impact will be on the income statement. Improved conversion rate by 15% may not seem like much, but if it results in a 15% increase in sales, the difference becomes significant.

Sumit Srivastava

Team OMLogic

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Let us begin by asking two simple questions : What is wrong in being a liberal? And what is wrong in practicing freedom of expression?

On January 7, 2015, editorial room of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical publication, was swamped by blood of 12 people, who were killed by 3 gunmen in an attempt to gun down the freedom of speech. The magazine was targeted for its provocative covers, a number of them featuring caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. For the gunmen believed depictions of Prophet are profane.

This incident took away with it some of France’s best cartoonist which included the editor of the magazine too.

In response to this incident, the cartoonists from all around the world, did what they do best, they drew out their emotions to support Charlie Hebdo. Here are a few illustrations that went viral on social.

French Cartooning Charlie Hebdo


Charlie Hebdo Little Weapon Cartoon


Charlie Hebdo Cartoon


Independent Cartoonist's response to Charlie Hebdo


Charlie Hebdo Dutch Cartoonist I am Charlie


Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Illustration


Apart from all the outrage on Twitter, millions gathered on the streets of Paris on 11th Jan’15 for a Unity March. The rally included 40 world leaders, including UK’s PM Cameron and German Chancellor Merkel.


Charlie Hebdo Unity March
(From the left, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, EU president Donald Tusk and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas march during a rally in Paris on Sunday. ASSOCIATED PRESS)


The famous international series ‘The Simpsons’ didn’t fall behind in paying their tribute. This is from the closing scene of ‘The Simpsons’ episode on Sunday night.

Je Suis Charlie

Last but not the least, the team at Charlie Hebdo stunned us once again with their first post-attack cover. 


All is Forgiven Charlie Hebdo
(Tout Est pardonné – ‘All Is Forgiven’)

Zineb El Rhazoui, a surviving columnist at Charlie Hebdo magazine who worked on the new issue, said the cover was a call to forgive the terrorists who murdered her colleagues last week and also urged extremists to accept humour.

Social media was once again used as a platform to exercise freedom of speech by millions. Social media has always been a place where people across the world can share their views and ideas. Power to the world of social! Empowering the world without fear and violence.

Do leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Untill next time. Peace out !

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Cough! Cough!

Before you join us in blaming the weather change for all the cough and cold around, let us clarify that we are only imitating our dear ex Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal. As famous or rather infamous he is for his constant coughs, he is also the brand ambassador of mufflers. And it was only normal for him to launch his Delhi election campaign with the hashtag, #MufflerMan.

It’s been 6 days* (*yes, including the weekend) and #MufflerMan is still trending on Twitter! We don’t know how happ-y, cold-y or cough-y Kejriwal would be on seeing the Twitter trend as he returns from Vipassna today but here is your dose of cough syrup…Err… We mean your dose of entertainment.

Have a dekho at some of the most engaging tweets doing the rounds…

Fear is indeed near!

We wished our Bai had such powerful Jhaddu! Sigh!

2 hafton se zyaada khahsi TB ho sakti hai! #JustSaying

Can’t blame him! It took even Superman full length movies and numerous TV shows to realize ki yeh andar ki baat hai!

There, there, J.K.Rowling!

Even God is terrified of #MufflerMan! Epic!

As Delhi faces re-election in another few weeks, we wonder how political parties would use social media, especially Twitter. We are definitely looking forward to a mega election fight and are hoping that the digital war gets more creative. Do let us know your thoughts on the same.

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Empowerment Is Just A Click Away

Social Media For Empowerment Summit 2014, was a gathering to recognize, commend, encourage and award those who are using social media as an empowerment tool. And it was only natural for us to be their digital partners in this event that celebrated such a nobel cause.

It is extremely encouraging to see NGO’s and initiative owners using social media for social empowerment. The event that took place in Eros Hotel, Nehru Place was bustling with entrepreneurs, industry experts, professionals and ofcourse social media enthusiasts. The nominations were selected from eight South Asian countries that are using social media as an enabling tool for development and good governance.

The various award categories were community mobilization, crowd funding, social commerce and enterprise, citizen journalism, public relations, women empowerment, social apps, games and entertainment, communication, advocacy and development activism.

The only drawback we saw is that most campaigns were still focused on using celebrities and their social media influence to generate conversations.

“Social empowerment is what social media is all about. I am very excited to see NGOs and people working at the grass root level embracing social media the way they have. Still, there is a long way to go. Looking to see bigger things in 2015. We need to use the collective power of the supporters for the initiative to generate influence versus relying on celebrities. ADVOCACY should be the keyword”, this is what our CEO, Kapil Gupta had to say about the event who was also one of the elite panelists at the awards ceremony.

The inaugural session was followed by presentation sessions, where the finalists talked about their initiatives and empowerment stories. The campaigns and initiatives were simply exceptional and thought provoking.

Here is a list of initiatives that we liked the best!

Whisper’s ‘Touch The Pickle Campaign’  – A brilliant campaign to break the taboos and stereotypes associated with periods. If girls don’t let any force in the world stop them, why should some senseless “don’ts” hold them back. So go ahead and #TouchThePickle.

MARD – Men Against Rape and Discrimination  – A social initiative designed to create awareness to instil gender equality and respect towards women.

Better India – An initiative that talks about positive news, happy stories and unsung heroes. And by doing so, they have built and inspired an awesome community of people who are always sharing ideas with each other, helping each other with resources – and are collectively doing good.

POOCHH – A Natural Language Processing engine that can answer questions of any kind. Questions about life, people, studies, history, facts, news, food, weather, travel, language, and more. Unlike Google, Poochh gives you not links but usable or exact answers.

Gurgaon Police App – Yes, they have one! You can get emergency police assistance, report traffic trouble directly to the Traffic Control Room and the app also lets you review and give feedbacks to the autowallahs. So, the next time you are travelling to Gurgaon, don’t forget to use this app.

Tweet For Cause Nepal – An initiative to help the underprivileged people by donating 20 paise per tweet. Follow them @tfcnepal and help spread smiles around.

Board The Bus – An initiative by Breakthrough encouraged women to get on the bus for a safer city. Their mantra was “Ditch the auto. Drop the bike. Leave the car. Get on the road to a safer city.”

Activist Gul Panag was the keynote speaker for the awards gala, she congratulated the winners for their efforts to make a better society and said, “Empowerment is about challenging stereotypes and social media is the best tool to do so” and we couldn’t agree more! J

In the future we hope to partner again with Digital Empowerment Foundation and many such NGOs who work continuously to empower the bottom of the pyramid and make this world a better place. 🙂

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Every Social Media Marketing (SMM) Professional is required to be well versed with all kinds of social media updates and information by default. From latest technology to trending topics, they have to know it all for their campaigns to be successful. And this sure can not be done by reading about stuff alone.

Thank God, people created some really great tools to help us!

SMM Tools


With so many social media marketing (SMM) tools floating around on the web, it’s hard to choose the most reliable ones. So here are some SMM tools which our agency swears by:

1. Manageflitter – It provides you with a set of easy to use tools to empower you to work smarter and faster with Twitter. From tweet scheduling to twitter analytics & follow-unfollow, it does it all.

2. Twitter Analytics – This tool comes from the makers of Twitter as well, so there is no questioning the reliability. Recently launched tool, it provides in depth insights to all your Twitter activity.

3. Efluencr – A social media tool that converts your employees into powerful evangelists and increases the SOV (Share Of Voice) beyond all competition. Not just an analytics tool, it is a brand advocacy platform that amplifies the brand message and shields you against negative news, trolls and various other online embarrassments with just a click!

4. Hootsuite – Schedule, manage and measure with this social relationship platform. Not just Facebook & Twitter, this tool can also be used for G+, LinkedIn, WordPress and many more. The free plan is open for all which can be upgraded to paid plans too.

5. – It is a great tool for finding related hashtags on a search. This comes handy when you run out of hashtags related to your industry.

6. Hashtracking – It provides historic and real-time hashtag and cashtag tracking and intelligence tools that gives subscribers instant access to actionable data, helping them to run more successful campaigns and gain greater insight into customer conversations.

7. FollowerWonk – We love this tool as it gives a great detailed insight to the followers and following analytics. Who are your followers? Where are they located? When do they tweet? And much more can be extracted from this tool.

8. Agorapulse – This tool enables you to launch Facebook contests, manage your pages, identify your best followers, never miss an important tweet and measure everything. It is known as a complete toolkit for Facebook and Twitter, and we can’t agree more.

9. Klout – Popularly known for measuring your social media influence, it measures the size of a user’s social media network and correlates the content created to measure how other users interact with that content.

10. Quintly – It is a great tool which helps you benchmark your own numbers against your competitors’ and derive an optimal social media strategy. One of it’s kind, this tool can come handy when setting targets and deliverables.

11. Bitly – One tool which everyone just loves is this. Simple and convenient, it helps in shortening the URL’s and customize them according to you. This is not it, it also helps you track the link and enables you to know the complete stats of a particular URL that you shortened.

Know a better tool which we might have missed? Comment below and let us know. 🙂

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It was the much awaited Facebook conference for developers that took place around 2 weeks back. Here are some key understandings from it for social media professionals:

The New News Feed: With the new updates, the content posted on Facebook gets seen by only 10% of your friends. Facebook makes it difficult for brands to be visible to fans and followers. As a marketer you definitely need to work harder on the content, to get more visibility. Other changes include the new single column Facebook feed. The like, share and follow options are on the profile picture. Facebook seems to be focussing on the visual appeal of the feed as photos and videos are more highlighted now. Clearly, Facebook is looking to encourage better quality content.


The New Place for Tabs: Now, you cannot see the tab icons at all. The tabs are now on the “More” dropdown. This is definitely a big change for marketers. Promote your tabs through your bio and posts by placing a link of the tabs there. Start looking at Facebook marketing in a completely different way.

The New Algorithm: Photo albums (180%), photos (120%) and videos (100%) get more engagement than links and text-only posts. Posts that ask fans to like get 3 times more likes, posts that ask fans to comment get 3 times more comments and posts that ask fans to share get 7 times more shares. Include one of these ‘call to actions’ and get more engagement on your posts. Posts with a maximum of 250 characters get 60% more likes. Keep your content interesting by adding more photos and videos. Try to keep your post titles short and exciting. Ask questions and be more participative in the conversation.

The Right Way to Use Links and Images Don’t delete the embedded link box that automatically pops up when you paste a link into Facebook. Upload the post image into this link with the help of the upload image option in the pop out and get more chances to be seen. Keep the image size at 600×600 pixels. Edit the title and description in the pop out and make it more accurate to the information provided by the link.



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