Adding (OM)Logic To My Life – A new journey!

Sitting on my work desk, feeling the winter chill and the gloomy weather; a voice of the past brightens up my day, reminding me of the ‘right’ turn life took on 10th Jan’12.

Divya @ OMLogic

A typical Mass Communication student turned into a social media marketer, when I reached the OMLogic office that day at 8:30 am! Yes, it has made me an early riser too…!

Seems boring to you? Wait!
I get paid for browsing though Facebook and Twitter all day!
Does it sound boring now?
Believe me! OMLogic has given the best and the most interesting start to my career by making me an organized tech savvy professional…. In just a few days!

Let me take you through my last 2 weeks at OMLogic.

Assuming it to be like any other office and oblivious to the chilled out and fun work environment, I dressed up to the best of my abilities to present myself as a fresher yet professional colleague for everyone.
But, there came a twist in the tale!

The moment I entered the office, my opinion changed! One of my colleagues instead of greeting me with a crisp hand shake, saluted and said, “Ram Ram Bibiji” while getting up from his sleeping bag placed right beside the conference room’s door! This first encounter made me realize that only my work will define my persona in this particular place.

As the day passed meeting all my colleagues, I made friends (please note that there is no room for acquaintances here). The OMLogic family including everyone from Mr. Kapil Gupta (CEO) to Vicky Bhaiya and Kamla Aunty (office helpers) made a point clear to me- that this is the best working place one could ever wish for.

Moving on to the next few days, I shall just say that they have been a perfect mix of learning, hard work, humor and attempts to add logic to life.

I can just say I am lucky to be working with OMLogic and have an opportunity to work for different companies sitting under one roof! And, I can do all that without any hesitation and in my own style.

Can you ask for more?


Divya Minocha


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